Zhangqiu sex underwear shop

Zhangqiu sex underwear shop


In a small alley in the west of Zhangqiu City, there is a sexy underwear shop called "Fun Kingdom".The store has an area of about 40 square meters and has more than 300 kinds of sexy underwear. The products carefully screened by the owner cover almost all the products of all brands on the market.This is one of Zhangqiu’s most popular sexy underwear shopping land. The surrounding residents and business people love this for ten minutes.


"Interesting Kingdom" has a variety of brand of sexy underwear.Including Japan’s three -point style, European and American poly eggs, Korean lace flower shrouded.The brands operated in the store are mainly Best, AICHUAN, and Japanese Urara.Various brands not only ensure performance quality and comfort, but also have a variety of styles to meet the special needs of different customers.

Test drive experience

In the store, customers can try to try sexy underwear at will.For some customers who like to be relatively unique, the owner will also provide one -on -one guidance, so that customers can experience the sexy underwear of the heart at any time.In addition, the store also provides a personalized and personalized service service in the store. The purpose is to make more people feel comfortable and comfortable to feel the charm of wild sex underwear.


Various sexy lingerie prices are different, with an average price of 80 yuan and 300 yuan.because

There are often new products on the shelves. The store generally does not fight for price wars, but it will conduct a limited time special price, so that regular customers accumulate discounts or purchase preferential packages. It can also gain more intimate services at the same time.


The shop of the Kingdom Kingdom is neat, based on the refreshing white wall, and there are warm green plants and roses in the store.The lights are soft and the atmosphere is relaxed.The style of music in the store is also different. Some people love fashion electronic music, and some people love quiet and light music. No matter what kind of, I believe that the concert of the store will make customers feel very relaxed and comfortable.


Although the operators in the Interest Kingdom Store do not hire professional clerks, they will introduce it in detail from entry to professional interpretations.You can see some detailed explanations and explanations of confused guests in order to let them eliminate any doubts and make them fully feel intelligent services when buying sexy underwear.It is strictly forbidden to "marks the idea of the door, and the waiters will also remind you not to make a loud noise in the store.

Sales model

The store is sold in the B2C model, that is, its main target is personal consumers.In terms of erotic underwear layout, sexy underwear is mainly female customers, but shop owners say that male customers have a higher and higher proportion of stores.In addition, the store also has related product areas such as sex products, sex supplies, and sex toys to meet the potential personality needs of customers.

Passenger traffic

When many tourists go through the "Interesting Kingdom" store, they will not help but walk in and stroll around. They are affirmed by the quality and style of underwear. They have expressed high expectations. This will become Zhangqiu a very potential potential.Fun underwear shopping center area.It is reported that the quality of the underwear is currently rated as first -class by consumers, and the passenger flow is relatively stable.

Store future plan

In the future, the Fun Kingdom Store plans to expand its product line, and gradually expands from a single sex clothing to sex massage and sex toys, reflecting richer product types, making customers more favorable to choose better products.In addition, at the exhibition and other activities, the owner will actively promote more products, allow more consumers to understand the brand brand, give customers more opportunities to buy these products, and increase the consumption rate in the store.


At present, the more competitive sexy underwear brands in Zhangqiu urban areas only include "Om Heaven" and "Youmei Clothing". In contrast, the "Interesting Kingdom" is even more neat.The concept and consumer positioning are very different from the positioning of other competitive brands. Especially in the types, services and prices of underwear in the store, they are loved and sought after by many customers.Therefore, compared with many competitive brands, the "Interest Kingdom" has more consumption advantages.

in conclusion

In short, in addition to its own originality in terms of design, service, price, brand and other aspects, its team has abandoned gorgeous and exaggerated, simple and practical, and is increasingly favored by more and more people.If you learn how to buy the right sexy underwear, you can have a sexy underwear that is suitable for you. Whether you wear daily or sexy candlelight dinner, you exude a confident and sexy charm in front of your partner.