Big breast girlfriend put on sexy underwear

Choose the right sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, I think it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.Especially for big busty girlfriends, they need to choose underwear with both visual effects and comfort.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we should first consider its size, texture, style, and comfort.

The size is appropriate to be comfortable

Size is the most important factor when choosing sexy underwear.If the size of the sexy underwear is not correct, it will not only cause oppression to the girlfriend’s body, but also affect the comfort, which is very unsuccessful.Therefore, when buying, be sure to determine the size of your girlfriend and try to choose the right size.

Choose the right texture

The texture of sexy underwear is also very important.Girlfriend should choose a soft, breathable, and not allergic fabric.Such as cotton, silk, satin, lace and other textured underwear, these fabrics are not only comfortable, but also have good visual effects.

Choose a beautiful style

Of course, the style of sexy underwear is also very important.If her girlfriend wants to wear the ultimate aesthetics, she needs to choose the right style.The choice of style should be determined according to her own preferences and body characteristics.For example, for big breasts, you can choose lace vest, which is both beautiful and sexy.

Focus on underwear color

Color selection is also very important.Girlfriends can choose the color that suits them according to her skin color. For example, people with darker skin color should not choose too dark sexy underwear, and bright colors such as sea blue are very suitable.In addition, of course, your girlfriend’s personal preference should also be an important reference factor in choosing underwear colors.

By breathable effect

The breathable effect is also a factor that we should consider when choosing a sexy underwear.Especially in the summer, breathable sexy underwear can make girlfriends feel cooler, comfortable, and not easy to cause allergies.

Comfort standards cannot be ignored

Comfort is also one of the core elements when choosing sexy underwear.Sexy underwear should choose good fabrics with excellent materials to avoid being too tight. You can choose a style with moderate elasticity.At the same time, when trying on, it depends on whether his girlfriend feels comfortable and ensure that underwear does not have a sense of oppression when wearing daily wear.

The season should be suitable for matching

In terms of seasonal wear, sexy underwear also needs to be worn according to the season.For example, a summer girlfriend can choose to wear light -colored sexy underwear, which can not only enhance the summer refreshing, but also make her figure more prominent.

Use other clothing

Interest underwear can be worn with other clothing to form a more diverse dress style.You can choose to wear low -cut, back, short -sleeved and other clothing to use underwear to make your body more dynamic, sexy, and charming.

Ultimate point of view

Starting from factors such as choosing the right size, texture, style, and color, tailor -made sexy underwear will bring a full range of beauty and comfort.At the same time, we need to match the matching and choice of sex under the needs of different seasons.When your girlfriend puts on the right sexy underwear, it will become your beautiful scenery.