Yuemo’s sexy underwear

Yuemo’s sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a sexy clothing, but also a tool to show feminine charm, allowing women to easily show their charm in the dreamy world.

Type 1: Beautiful Woman Inner Underwear

Beauty sexy underwear is mainly based on perspective, lace, devil, demon, leather lace and other styles. Its design and material pursue the effects of fashion, sexy, free and exciting, suitable for dressing, wedding, romantic nights and special occasions at night.For example, sequins covering sexy underwear, hollowing through sexy lingerie, red sexy lingerie and so on.

Type 2: Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear

Sexual emotional interest underwear reveals a mature, sexy, and charming atmosphere. Its style is characterized by highlighting curves and highlighting temperament. It is suitable for wearing special moments such as night parties or Valentine’s Day, showing women’s charming and sexy.For example, half -cups of sexy underwear, strap sexy underwear, lace belly pocket sex lingerie and so on.

Type 3: Adult sexy underwear

Adult sexy underwear is mainly based on cross -border, supermodels, vests and other styles. Its style design has been far from children. It is mainly for the adult market. It pursues more diverse and personalized settings and materials, showing luxury, fashion, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexyEffect.For example, sexy silicone underwear, shock underwear, etc.

Type 4: European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear extracted from the fashion trend of European and American fashion. It has attracted more and more young women’s attention with fashion, unique, avant -garde design style and exotic material sense.The popular brand in the fashion circle.For example, Holmes detective underwear, super catwoman underwear, etc.

Choose the three elements of sexy underwear

1. Appropriate color

Color is also an important consideration when choosing sexy underwear.Generally speaking, red, black and white are the most common and popular colors, because red represents enthusiasm and passion, black symbolizes mysterious and sexy, while white looks pure and pure.

2. Size in fit

The choice of size is very important.You have to find a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, not only comfortable, but also to highlight your body and show your advantages.

3. Material selection

The choice of material is also very important. Whether it is cotton, inlaid lace, or lace, satin, and comfortable material, it can make you put on sexy lingerie comfortably and highlight the perfect figure.

Maintenance of sexy underwear skills

Interest underwear is a noble and exquisite clothing that needs to be carried out and maintained with heart. The following is the technique of sexy underwear maintenance:

1. Prevent wear

Interest underwear bra and underwear must be used for use.Due to the special nature of sexy underwear gauze, do not wipe linked, belt and other items when wearing, so as not to harm the material of the sexy underwear.

2. Washing skills

Wash with warm water.Do not use hot water when washing. You also need to use a washing bag and yarn bag to wrap sexy underwear to protect the texture of the sexy lingerie and maintain its shape.

3. dry

After the routine drying, place a soft -humidity pad in the bray cup to avoid deformation.


Yuemu’s lingerie is sought after by fans every day. The diverse style, clear details, and sophisticated materials of their styles reflect the attitude of contemporary women’s pursuit of high quality and life.Underwear, let us be a lovers of sexy underwear together.