Wife does not love fun jackets


As a sexy underwear expert, I am often troubled by my wife’s problems.Recently, she told me that she didn’t like sexy underwear and didn’t know why female friends liked it.Therefore, I want to know why she doesn’t like them, and what to do to make her change her view.

Comfort and security

Comfort and security are the first considerations of all underwear.Many sexy underwear lacks comfortable considerations when pursuing sexy and fashionable.If your wife feels that the sexy underwear is not comfortable or safe, she will not like them.

Style and color matching

There are many styles and colors in sex underwear.Some people may like dark colors, some people like light colors, and some people like patterns.Similarly, some brands provide custom underwear for women in large or small breasts.Therefore, it is also important to ask your wife’s styles and colors.

Personal preference and style

Everyone’s preferences and styles are different.Some people like simplicity, and some people like complexity.If your wife is not a fashion enthusiast or she does not want to try something different, then the sexy underwear will not be her first choice.

Physical consciousness and confidence

Many women are not used to wearing sexy underwear in front of others.This may be because they lack their consciousness and confidence in their bodies.If your wife is not confident in her body, then sexy underwear is likely to make her feel uncomfortable so that she will not like them.

Cultural background and religious belief

Different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs may affect people’s views on sexy underwear.In some cultures, all women’s underwear must completely cover all parts of the female body.In addition, some religious beliefs oppose this sexy and exposed form.

Body shape and size

For some women, they cannot find sexy underwear suitable for their body shape and size.This may be because many sexy underwear brands are only targeted at specific types and sizes, and ignore the needs of other women.

Lack of understanding of sexy underwear

Some women lack their understanding of sexy underwear.They may think that sexy underwear is only used for sexual clothing, and ignores other aspects of meaning and use.By understanding the history and cultural significance of love underwear, and their applications in the fashion industry and daily life, women may realize that sexy underwear is not just clothing in sex.

Break the rules

This is easy to restrict them when women wearing certain types of clothing are placed in society.Let your wife try to wear different types of sexy underwear in different types, styles or colors, may be a good way to break the established thinking and get out of the comfort zone.

Attitude and communication

Finally, attitude and communication are also important.You need to communicate with your wife in an open and honest way in order to understand the problems and doubts she worry about and help her find a solution.


The preferences of sexy underwear are very personal, and there is no way to apply to everyone.When asking his wife’s sexy underwear preference, you need to consider the above factors to better understand her.The ultimate goal is to help her find her favorite clothing, rather than making her feel uncomfortable or forced to accept what she doesn’t like.

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