Why is men’s sexy lingerie less style

Why do men’s sexy lingerie have few styles?

Men’s sexy lingerie, compared to women’s sexy underwear, is often regarded as the "metaphysics" field.Men’s sexy underwear has a very limited choice. A few brands have launched some men’s sexy underwear products, but these products are far less developed than women’s sexy underwear.This article will analyze the reasons for less male sex underwear.

1. Cultural factors

"Sex" has a different position in different cultures.In modern society where men and women are equal, "cultural taboos" have gradually disappeared.However, the traditional culture of heavy men and women still exists in some areas.In these places, men’s use of sexy underwear may be regarded as immoral and shameful.

2. The target crowd is narrow

The target group of men’s sex underwear markets may be relatively small.Compared to women, men are more likely to display and promote gender in the external environment.That is to say, men may have less demand when using sexy underwear.

3. The previous positioning of the manufacturer

Men’s sexy underwear market began to be late, and there were fewer brands.Prior to this, sexy underwear companies often focus on the women’s market, so a large number of resources are used to design products that design women’s erotic underwear.In this case, the development of men’s erotic underwear is relatively slow.

4. Limited publicity means

Compared with women’s sexy lingerie, the media’s promotion and promotion of men’s sexy underwear is limited.The promotional channels after the sex underwear exhibition are often not enough to cover all target markets.

5. Social psychological factors

In modern society, many people think that sexy underwear is a exclusive field of women, and uses it as a tool to help women add color to emotional life.This kind of thought constitutes an obstacle to the development of men’s sexy underwear and restricts the acceptance of men’s sex lingerie.

6. Lack of brand promotion

As mentioned earlier, the men’s sex underwear market is relatively late, and the corresponding brand promotion also lacks certain experience.Therefore, the awareness and popularity of men’s sexy underwear are often not high enough.

7. Design and manufacturing is difficult

The skills of designing and manufacturing men’s sexy underwear are relatively high, so production costs have been improved accordingly.As the demand for men’s sexy underwear increases, manufacturers need to continuously improve their skills to meet the needs of customers, which leads to relatively high prices of men’s sexy underwear products.

8. Restrictions related to physiological differences

There are great differences in men and women in the physiological structure and reproductive organs, which may have a certain impact on the design and manufacturing of men’s sexy underwear.Specifically, the manufacturing of men’s sexy underwear is more difficult, because the design, suture, and processing of the details of the key parts require designers and manufacturers to have high skills.


We see that the development of men’s sex lingerie still faces many restrictions.Just as an emerging industry has gradually attracted the attention of all sectors of society. With the continuous progress of technology, changes in consumer habits, and changes in the relationship between social marriage and property, I believe that the prospects of the men’s sex underwear market in the future will be more broad.

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