Whoever buys sex underwear accounts for the majority

Who do you buy sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of clothes in modern people’s daily life.Putting on sexy underwear can highlight the sexy and charm of women, and can also fill the lust and passion of men.So, who likes to buy sexy underwear the most?This article will explore the majority of people who buy sexy underwear from different perspectives such as age, gender, occupation, region, and hobbies.


The majority of young people aged 18-30 accounted for the majority

Young people have a strong demand for sex. Due to the high body proportion and their aesthetic preferences, young people aged 18-30 are the main buyers of sexy underwear.


Women account for the majority

Interesting underwear is essentially women’s underwear products, so women are the most important buying groups of sexy underwear.When buying sexy underwear, women pay more attention to the meaning, color, details, and the meaning behind them, and have more patience to choose and choose a sexy underwear that suits them.


Sales staff, models, actors and other visual industry staff

The needs of the visual industry personnel are changing, and the coexistence of sensuality and rationality coexists, and the requirements for internal and external presentation are extremely high, and the sexy underwear can meet their needs. Therefore, the salesperson, models, actors and other people are also the main force of sexy underwear purchases.


Most of the first -tier cities in the southern coastal areas

Compared with the southern coastal areas of first -tier cities, the acceptance of sexy underwear in central and western cities is lower, mainly due to regional and cultural backgrounds.Therefore, most people who buy sexy underwear are mostly first -tier cities in the southern coastal areas.


The sunshine, confident, and fit people

People who like to buy sexy underwear are mostly sunny, confident and fit.These people are eye -catching and confident, and have high pursuit and requirements for sex life. Interest underwear is exactly one of the most direct and passionate ways to express.At the same time, people with good figures and healthy people like to wear sexy underwear to express themselves.

the way of buying

Choose more online purchase

The popularity of the Internet makes the way to buy sexy underwear more extensively and is not subject to geographical and time restrictions.Young people now prefer to buy sexy underwear online, and extensively communicate and share their own purchase and wear experience.


Most people are more inclined to low -cost sexy underwear

Originally, the positioning of sexy underwear was a special sex product of high consumption, but in order to meet the wider group needs, many low -cost, diverse, cost -effective sexy underwear was launched in the market.Therefore, most sexy underwear buyers are willing to choose low -cost sexy underwear today.


Most choose domestic brands

With the gradual opening of the sexy underwear market, the quality of domestic brands is increasing, and the design is more in line with the aesthetic preferences of domestic people.Most of the current sex underwear buyers will choose domestic brands, and try to choose those known and popular brands, because not only the price is relatively low, but also the quality is more guaranteed.


Black, red, purple most popular

Black, red and purple sexy underwear is a popular mainstream color.Black atmosphere, mysterious, red full of passion and sexy, purple looks deep and elegant. These three colors are considered the most interesting underwear characteristics and more in line with the public’s preferences.

in conclusion

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the people who buy sexy underwear, young people, women, and visual industry personnel account for a relatively large proportion, and the urban market in the southern coastal areas is relatively wide, and the sunny self -confident bodybuilders prefer to wear sexy underwearExpress oneself.Therefore, the purchase of sexy underwear is important to consider different factors such as gender, age, occupation, region, hobby.

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