The vest is a sexy lingerie zipper


As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is not limited to women’s wear.Men’s sexy underwear market has gradually risen, and vests are one of the common styles.The special feature of vest sexy underwear is that it has zipper, comfortable, comfortable and flexible, and has become the choice of many people.

Category of vest sexy underwear

There are many different classification methods, such as materials, colors, and use scenarios.The material and color are the two most important classification standards.

Material classification

Depending on the material, vest sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.Common materials are:

Polyester fiber: Vests with polyester fibers usually have gloss and soft touch, bright colors and easy to clean.

PU Leather: PU Leather’s vest sexy underwear has a similar texture of leather material, high elasticity and toughness, diverse color, and difficult to wear.

Silk: Silk vests are soft, smooth, and extremely comfortable, suitable for more high -end occasions.

sort by color

Color is an important factor that affects the appearance of horseshrone’s sexy underwear.Depending on the color, vest sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.Common colors are:

Black: Black is a classic sexy color and is often used for the performance of the occasion.

Red: Red is a bright and expressive color, suitable for love and enthusiasm.

White: White and bright, suitable for pure and elegant occasions.

Skin color: The skin color can be similar to the skin color, highlighting the naked effect, or harmonious harmony, without losing elegance.

Use scene of vest sexy underwear

V velrassy underwear has the characteristics of intimacy and sexy, which is often used in private occasions, role -playing and sex games.

Private occasion

Vetener sex lingerie has a unique charm in private occasions.For example, in the living room, balcony and other positions, you can open the distance from the loved ones, and then slowly start using the clothes to expose a beautiful figure. At this time, wearing vest sexy lingerie can look more sexy and seductive.

role play

Vetener erotic underwear is also widely used when role -playing.For example, if you play a pilot, you can cooperate with Margainst Fairy underwear to let the other half play the stewardess, which will increase a lot of interest and stimulus.

Sex game

V veloenia underwear also plays an important role in sex games.It allows the two sides to have more changes and choices, increasing the fun and irritating of the game.

How to choose a vest sexy underwear that suits you

Select the following factors to choose a vest of sexy underwear:

Body type: The vest sexy underwear needs to be fitted, which can highlight your body.

Use scene: Different occasions need different atmosphere and style. Choosing different colors and materials can help create an atmosphere.

Comfort: Vests sex underwear needs comfort and will not affect the free movement of the body.

Personal preference: Everyone has different aesthetics of sexy underwear. Choose the vest sexy underwear that suits them according to their preferences.

Precautions for vest sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following matters in wearing vest sexy underwear:

Cleaning problem: It is necessary to clean the vest sexy underwear to ensure hygiene and service life.

Storage problem: Pay attention to storage, moisture -proof, anti -fade, and mouse bite problems.

Sexual game safety: When performing sex games, avoid excessive stimulation to prevent injuries on both sides.


As an alternative sexy clothing, vest sexy underwear can enrich people’s emotional life and visual feelings.Choose a vest sexy underwear that suits you, put on it to express your sexy and charm, and enjoy the wonderful life.

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