When you wear a sexy underwear, Jin Shuozhen

A few suggestions when you wear sexy underwear

Sexy underwear plays an increasingly important role in the sex life of modern people.Putting on sex underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence and enhance sexual attractiveness.Whether men and women, it is essential to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Here are some suggestions to help you be more confident when wearing sexy underwear.

I. Choose a style that suits you

There are various styles of erotic underwear: conjoined, bra, three -point, and so on.The key is to find the style that is best for your body and taste.If your chest is plump, you can choose the style with underwear to ensure better support on your chest and not go away.And if you need more intense sex activities, you can try three -point style, which often makes people sexy and charming.

II. Select the right size

Wearing inappropriate sizes will make you very uncomfortable.When choosing a sexy underwear, please choose the right size.There are many different sizes options for sex underwear.When choosing, be sure to look at the size table carefully and choose according to your body.If your size is not very common, you can choose to customize sexy underwear.

III. Determine your own color preferences

The sexy underwear is colorful, from dark red to bright yellow, from the skeleton pattern to lace lace, you can choose various styles.However, be sure to choose your favorite color to ensure confidence and naturalness.If you are not sure your color preferences, you can start with basic black and white.

IV. Choose a brand with quality assurance

The quality and comfort of sexy underwear are very important, so you must choose a brand with quality assurance.Don’t buy inferior products for cheap, this will not only cause physical pain, but also damage the skin.When choosing, you can first understand the brand’s word of mouth and the evaluation of other users.

V. Confirm the occasion of yourself

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider where you will wear it.If you are just at home and spend a good night with your partner, you can choose a more bold and avant -garde underwear.But if you want to wear underwear in public, you need to choose a more conservative and no more detail.

Vi. Make sure to wear correctly

The correct way to wear makes you more comfortable and more beautiful.For example, when wearing a conjoined sexy underwear, you need to lie slowly on the bed to prevent accidental damage.After you wear it, you have to stand up and loosen the folds at the crotch from the front to the back.Finally, adjust the outline and make sure that there is no place to squeeze out.

Vii. With the right underwear accessories

Interest underwear accessories include various drool towels, handcuffs, mask and other decorations.Of course, choose the appropriate underwear accessories to increase sex and fun.If you are worried about creating the feeling of "Taiyou", you can only choose a few accessories you like.

Viii. Persist in maintaining the cleaning of underwear

Everyone understands the saying "cleaning underwear every week".If underwear is too much, it is easy to become unhygienic.In addition, be sure to wash the underwear in a suitable posture and dry it to avoid causing bacterial infection and dyeing problems.Do not throw the sexy underwear into the washing machine or dryer when cleaning, because high -speed rotation will destroy their shapes, it is best to wash or dry them with hand.

IX. Pay attention to confidentiality when customized underwear

If you need to customize sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to confidentiality.Some workshops that make underwear will ensure your privacy and freedom without asking your operations or preferences.When deciding to make sexy underwear, first choose a good and experienced manufacturer.

X. Confirm the fun of enjoying a fun underwear

The last point: wearing sexy underwear should be full of confidence and fun.However, you can feel a little uneasy when facing this experience for the first time. At this time, it is best to communicate with your partner first to understand their ideas and needs.In fact, wearing a sexy underwear is also an experience of "reborn", you will quickly experience different excitement.


Putting on sex underwear can not only enhance the interest of sex life, but also enhance your self -confidence and charm.Everyone can try to wear sexy underwear to enjoy the pleasure brought by life in the most comfortable and confident way.

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