What kind of erotic underwear wearing small breasts

What kind of sexy underwear is wearing a small chest?——Professional advice

For small breasts, what kind of erotic underwear can we wear to better show their sexy and beauty?Here are some professional suggestions for your reference.


Women of small breasts usually do not need to adopt too thick and high bras. It is suitable to choose thin or sponge or steel -free underwear.This can better shape a natural chest curve while avoiding too much decoration and compression.

material selection

For small breasts, comfort and texture must be given priority.Therefore, when selecting materials and fabrics, we tend to choose soft, breathable, skin -friendly and comfortable fabrics, such as lace, cotton, silk, etc.Hard fabrics may cause unnecessary compression and discomfort to the chest.

color match

Color is also very important for sexy underwear.Women of small breasts can choose brighter and bright colors to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the chest, such as pink, red, purple, etc.In addition, the white and light color series are also good choices.


The style of sexy underwear is also very different. Different designs can show different sexy charm.For small breasts, you can choose some underwear styles with "micro -breast perspective".This can fully show the beauty of the chest, and it will not appear too much.


Lace lace is a major feature of sexy underwear. It is both soft and sexy, and can also satisfy the romantic feelings of women.For small breasts, you can choose some lace lace underwear to increase sexuality without losing the softness of women.

Strap design

Belt is an important accessory of underwear and an important element of showing shoulder and neck lines.For small breasts, you can choose some exquisite strap design, such as thin bands and forks.This can increase the aesthetics of the lines of the shoulder, while helping to show a delicate temperament.


In addition to bra, panties style is also very important.Women of small breasts can choose higher waistlines to show their own waist curve beauty.At the same time, underwear can also be used to use thinner materials to make the hips more prominent.

Half -cup style

Half cup is a design of sexy underwear, which can highlight the three -dimensional and soft curve of the chest.For small breasts, you can choose some half -cups of underwear styles, which can show a sexy texture and create a soft feeling.

Sexy connection style

Conjusational underwear is a major feature of sexy underwear. It can not only show the sexy of the skin, but also make the body lines more slender.For small breasts, you can choose some sexy conjoined underwear styles to make your body lines smoother and smoother.


In short, it is not difficult to choose sexy underwear for small breasts.You only need to pay attention to the elements such as bras, material selection, color matching, style design, lace lace, strap design, underwear style, half cup style, sexy body style and other elements, as well as your own temperament and skin characteristics, choose a underwear suitable for your own underwearThat’s fine.

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