What kind of sexy underwear is worn

What kind of sexy underwear is worn

When selecting sexy underwear, design, materials and feelings are usually considered.When having sex, sexy underwear is a kind of scene clothing that can add sex.So, what kind of sexy underwear is worn?Here are some reference suggestions.

Those with slim figures can consider the sexy corset of cups

For women with a slim figure, sexy corsets in cups are a good choice.Compared with ordinary underwear, the cup corset can make the chest look more plump, and it can also enhance the line of the chest.It is best to choose some styles with lace or mesh decoration, which will be more attractive.When choosing pants, you can consider some hollow or zipper decorative underwear.

Those with full body can consider restraint and package underwear

Women with a plump body can consider some restraint and wrapped underwear, such as tight corsets and high waist underwear.These underwear can not only play a tightening role, but also make the figure more perfect.It is best to choose some styles with many details, such as lace and silk, which are more attractive.

Choose a transparent style underwear to increase the sense of mystery

Transparent -style underwear can increase mystery and temptation.When choosing a style, you can choose some underwear decorated with lace and mesh. These styles will not fully expose the entire body, but it can still make you look more sexy and attractive.It is best to match transparent underwear, which will be more attractive.

The sexy underwear of denim fabric brings more changes to sex

The sexy underwear of denim fabrics is a very unusual choice.The material of this underwear is relatively tough and can give people a different taste and visual enjoyment.When choosing this underwear, you can add lace or lace to your chest, which will be more attractive.

You need to pay attention when choosing a chest sticker sexy underwear

The chest sticker sexy underwear is a very sexy choice.This underwear is mainly composed of several thin bars, not a cup like ordinary corset.When choosing this style, you need to pay attention to whether it is too tight to avoid stimulation to the chest and make you uncomfortable.

Too exposed erotic underwear can increase sexual interest, but you need to choose cautiously

Too exposed erotic underwear may make you feel more sexy, but you need to choose cautiously.If the chest is exposed too much, you may also make you uncomfortable when having sex.Therefore, it is best to choose some styles composed of lace or completely bands such as lace to ensure comfort.

High -quality materials bring you a better experience

Choosing high -quality materials will bring you a better experience and a more luxurious feeling.These underwear are usually made of real silk, wool and linen.When you put on this underwear, you will feel that the texture and comfort are improved, which is easier to enjoy sex.

Diversified styles can meet different needs

Finally, choose a variety of styles.Because sex life is diverse, and different underwear can also allow you to experience different feelings and love style.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider your own figure, but also consider the emotions that you need to convey and want to express.

When choosing a suitable sexy underwear, you need to consider your own figure and the feelings you want to convey when you have sex. It is best to choose a highly comfortable and luxurious style in order to get the best experience in sex.

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