What is the price of sexy underwear

How much is the price of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a symbol of sexy, gender, and personality.Different styles of sexy underwear pants are matched with different results and feelings.However, the price of sexy underwear is also very different due to different styles.So what is the price of sexy underwear?This article will analyze you one by one from different brands, styles and materials.

1. Price and brand

The price of the same sex underwear may be largely different from the price between different brands.Taking Japanese brand Tomania as an example, the price of sexy underwear is generally between 100 yuan and 300 yuan.Domestic brands such as Jellymoment, Aviva, AIWEIYA, etc. are mainly about 80 yuan to 200 yuan.The price of big brands of sexy underwear is higher, which may be more than 500 yuan. For example, the price of the French brand Agent Provocateur’s sexy underwear is more than 1,000 yuan.

2. Price and style

Different style characteristics will also lead to differences in the price of sexy underwear.Take lace as an example. Due to the particularity of the material, the price of lace sexy underwear is relatively expensive. The price is about 100 yuan to 600 yuan, while the sexy underwear of pure cotton and other materials is mainly about 100 yuan.In addition, retro sexy underwear, open crotch sex underwear, etc. will lead to price differences due to different styles.

3. Price and material

The material of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors affecting the price.For example, the price of silk sexy underwear is relatively expensive, generally between 200 yuan and 500 yuan, and the price of satin materials is relatively high, generally about 150 yuan to 350 yuan, nylon, polyester fiber and other materials, etc.The sexy underwear is mainly about 100 yuan.

4. Price and size

The size of the size usually affects the price.Big bust, or fat sexy underwear prices are usually relatively high, while the price of sexy underwear in ordinary sizes is relatively low.

5. Set price

Interest underwear pants set is also one of the products that everyone likes to buy.The set contains dust bags, tops, underwear, socks, etc.However, the price of sexy underwear suits will be higher than the price of single items, usually between 180 yuan and 300 yuan.

6. Price and sales channels

There are many sales channels for sexy underwear, including online e -commerce, sexy underwear stores, large shopping malls, etc.Among them, online e -commerce will generally have some preferential prices, and the sexy underwear stores generally have discounts and gifts, but the price is relatively expensive.

7. Price and common materials

Common materials such as pure cotton, sticky fiber, nylon, polyester fiber, lace, silk, satin and other common materials are used for making sexy underwear.Due to the different prices of different materials, there are large differences in the price of sexy underwear.

8. Balance between price and quality

The price is important, but quality and cost performance are equally important.Regardless of the price, the key is to choose a cost -effective sexy underwear, both consider your own needs, but also consider its cost -effectiveness and comfort.When buying, pay attention to the balance of price and quality.

When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay more attention to comfort and personalization, and suitable sexy underwear can make yourself more confident and beautiful.Of course, the price is also a major consideration.I hope that this article can help you better understand the price factors of love underwear for your reference when choosing.

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