What are the categories of sexy underwear

What is sexy sheet

Sexy, teasing, and gender -specific underwear designed in order to enhance sexual experience or improve personal charm.

Sex of sex underwear

Sexy underwear can be divided into the following categories:

Adult underwear

Adult underwear includes underwear of various fabrics, such as silk, leather and plastic.These underwear are usually lighter and thinner than conventional underwear, in order to better express the body during sex.In addition, adult underwear also includes some of the standard underwear that looks standard under normal daily wear, but they may have additional sexual characteristics to use at appropriate time.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a common sexy underwear, usually made of transparent or light fabric and lace lace.These underwear are widely used in many different sex scenes, including playing between the masses, sex games and enthusiasts.

Hard shell underwear

Hard -shell underwear is suitable for those who want to highlight their figure in a clear and obvious way while maintaining the shape and support of the underwear.These underwear are usually made of plastic or metal brackets and have reinforced materials to better protect the body when sexual sex.

Cross -binding underwear

Cross -lace underwear is usually made of leather or ropes, suitable for those who want to make underwear more teasing.These underwear can enhance sex or bring some additional sexual experience during sex.

Mesh underwear

Garma underwear is a sexy clothing that is usually made of transparent and light fabrics.The purpose of these underwear is to improve the sexual attraction of the protagonist, and at the same time make people with them feel more sexy and staying.

Sexual Following Underwear

Sexuality Underwear is designed for sexy underwear worn in special places or during a party.These underwear are usually customized, suitable for those who want to get rid of traditional underwear and want to be more teasing.These underwear are suitable for various situations, such as clothing, carnival, sexual transactions and appreciation of men and women.


Student uniforms are underwear suitable for sex games, suitable for various role -playing scenes.These underwear are usually made of light and transparent fabrics so that wearing can enhance their attractiveness during sex.

Size increased underwear

The size increases underwear suitable for those who want to increase their body parts.These underwear usually have large chest cards and semi -hard brackets with air mouths to be easier and comfortable when wearing.

Rock wind coat

Rock underwear is usually designed by those who are interested in rock culture. These underwear usually have graphic elements with printing, embroidery or other art tools.These underwear make the wearer’s communication with rock culture during sex, adding sexual stimuli and fun.

in conclusion

Everyone has their own love underwear type, depending on personal preferences and physical conditions.You can choose different erotic underwear according to different situations to achieve the sexy, staying, and teasing effect, which can make sex life more colorful.

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