The whole process of women wearing fun underwear

The whole process of women wearing fun underwear

Women who want to wear sex underwear must not be less, so in what aspects should we consider in sex underwear?The following will provide you with references from aspects of preparation, purchase and matching, and wearing precautions.


First of all, women need to understand their bodies and styles, as well as the types and styles of erotic underwear before wearing fun underwear, so as to better choose their favorite erotic underwear and wear better.Secondly, the basic choice of sexy underwear also requires some preparations, such as physical conditions, occasions, colors, and so on.

Buy and match

The purchase and matching of sexy underwear requires us to fully consider our needs and preferences, but also take into account the occasions and matching clothes.The choice of sexy underwear in different styles must be taken into account your own shape, and it is suitable to highlight your sexy.


The wearing of sexy underwear needs special attention, which involves both its own hygiene problems and the outside environment and activities.After wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the correct posture to avoid slowing down, so as not to affect the beauty and overall style of sexy underwear because of poor posture.Pay attention to the occasions of the hot underwear. Do not wear the wrong occasion. The lady’s underwear can be worn out, and the sexy underwear can choose to wear at home.

How to choose color

The color of sexy underwear is very important. You can choose the suitable color according to personality, temperament, occasion, emotion, etc.If you want to look mature and attractive, you can choose sexy and bright colors such as big red, black, and wine red.If you want to be soft and fresh, you can choose a light -colored sexy underwear.

Selection of sexy underwear style

There are many styles of sexy underwear to choose from. You can choose a variety of styles such as T -shirts, bras, and underwear.Under normal circumstances, women can choose sexy underwear they like, suitable for themselves, suitable for their own shape, and then consider color and style.

How to match the coat

Sex underwear needs to match the coat to perfectly show sexy and charm.Under normal circumstances, women can choose the coats, skirts, pants, etc. that cooperate with sexy underwear to maintain the overall harmonious beauty.

Interesting underwear that is matched at night

In the evening, if you want to better match the sexy underwear, you can choose some sexy, attractive clothing, such as a tulle robe or a hollowed outfit. Wearing a sexy style can highlight the temperament of the whole person.

Sexy underwear that is matched during the day

If you want to match sex underwear during the day, you need to pay attention to choosing underwear suitable for the day. You can choose some easier and soft styles, such as low -necks and medium skirts.It will not look too sexy to wear it.


Wearing a sexy underwear requires a lot of aspects. Getting rid of the embarrassment needs to be fully prepared and self -confident, and the underwear suitable for you will make yourself more beautiful.For different occasions, different matching and costumes need to be cautious to avoid being too exaggerated and unsuitable.

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