Wet underwear under the sexy underwear


For women who love to wear sexy underwear, moistness below is a very common problem.Whether it is daily wearing or sexual behavior with partners, it may occur.Although this problem is normal to some extent, if it is too frequent or accompanied by discomfort such as odor and itching, you need to pay attention.

problem causes

In daily life, the reason for moisturizing below may be because of sweat, humid climate, unstable hormonal levels, and unsuitable underwear.However, when wearing a sexy underwear, the wetness below is usually because of the impermeable and uncomfortable underwear, which hinders the free breathing and sweat from the skin, which leads to local humidity.

Solution 1: Select breathable underwear

For the wet problem below, the best solution is to choose good breathability, comfortable and personal underwear.You can choose natural fiber fabrics that are soft and thin, without adding chemicals, such as cotton and silk; in the case, it should be avoided, such as plastic and synthetic fibers, such as plastic and synthetic fibers.

Solution 2: Replace underwear regularly

Women who love to wear sex underwear often ignore the problem of changing underwear. Wearing the same underwear for a long time will not only affect hygiene, but also cause local humidity and bacterial breeding.Therefore, it is important to replace underwear regularly. It is best to replace underwear 1-2 times a day to ensure the local dryness and cleaning.

Solution 3: Do not use essential oils and perfume

Some women like to use essential oils or perfumes on their lower body to add interest and attractiveness, but this is not conducive to preventing moistness below.Strong fragrance and essential oils may stimulate the skin and mucous membranes, induce discomfort such as itching, allergies, etc. At the same time, it will also damage the material of the pants and reduce the breathability.

Solution 4: Keep the private parts dry

In addition to choosing breathable underwear and replacement of underwear regularly, keeping in private parts is also the key to prevent moisturizing below.Wearing erotic underwear can easily cause local sweat and humidity, so you can use a soft towel to gently wipe your lower body with a soft towel every time you change your underwear, especially around the vaginal port and the anus to keep the private parts dry.

Solution 5: Control hormonal secretion

The unstable hormonal level is also one of the important reasons for the wet below.Women’s hormonal levels change with factors such as the physiological cycle, season, age, etc., which can easily lead to humidity in private parts.At this time, you can control hormonal secretion and regulate endocrine through reasonable diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Solution 6: Strengthen sanitary habits

In order to avoid long -term humid or bacterial infections, women need to strengthen health habits.You can choose to clean with water and neutral washing solution to avoid irritating soaps and washing fluids. At the same time, do not use overheated water to wash the private parts to avoid burning the skin.

Solution 7: Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is not only conducive to health, but also reduces the humidity of private parts.Water can help rinse bacteria and metabolites inside and outside the body, strengthen metabolic function, and reduce sweat secretion.Therefore, in daily life, pay attention to replenishing water, drink plenty of warm water, green tea and other healthy drinks.

Solution 8: Avoid tight pants

Both tight pants and panty panties are easy to promote the humidity of private parts, so women should wear these clothing as little as possible.You can choose to be close or moderate or loose, or wear loose skirts, pants and other clothing to make your body stretch and breathe freely.


Wet below is a common problem for women wearing sexy underwear, but it affects women’s health and interesting life.Therefore, women should adopt the above -mentioned effective solutions to avoid moisturizing below, maintain the dryness and health of their private parts, and make themselves more confident and beautiful.

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