WeChat Beauty Fun Planets

WeChat Beauty Fun Planets

There are more and more merchants who sell beauty underwear on WeChat, and the product types are becoming more and more diverse.For those who are in contact with sexy underwear for the first time, they may feel a little confused.This article will introduce you to WeChat beauty sex lingerie categories, help you better understand different types of sexy underwear, and provide a reference for yourself or the other half to choose suitable products.

1. Sexy lace sexy underwear

Sexy lace and sexy underwear are the most common types.It is usually made of lace gauze, perspective mesh and tulle.Sexy, bright, beautiful, and obvious perspective effects. Different designs and colors can show different characteristics of women.Lace erotic underwear is divided into different styles such as suspenders, briefs, pillows, underwear and T 裇, and can choose according to the shape of the body and personal preference.

Second, open -file sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is a relatively novel design.As its name, it means that the underwear has an open crotch, allowing women to go to the toilet when wearing skirts, skirts and clothes, without having to take off the erotic underwear, maintaining physical sexy and improving the comfort of life.

Third, shoulder straps sexy underwear

The shoulder -free sexy underwear is not only suitable for all kinds of tight clothing and low -necked jackets, but also the beautiful design can also make you feel warm, leaving a deep impression on your other half.In addition, the shoulder -free erotic underwear can make women’s back look more sexy and charming.

Four, half cup sexy underwear

The half -cup of sexy underwear is a relatively conservative style. Its underwear cups are shallow and exposed some breasts.The half -cup of sexy underwear is not only conducive to making the breast more positive and concentrated, but also the softness of the material is more likely to wear, making women feel more comfortable when going out.

Five, corset sexy underwear

The corset sexy underwear is a classic corset design, tightness and elasticity, which can play a better supporting role and better display the lines of the chest.It is tailor -made for women who want to have a beautiful chest.

6. Waist -up sexy underwear

Waisty underwear is a sexy underwear with abdominal function.Through the design of the waist, it can offset the phenomenon of waist drooping and fat accumulation, allowing women to have a more perfect body proportion, showing a unique beauty.

7. Bikini -style sexy underwear

Bikini sexy underwear is a universal sexy underwear. It uses a bikini design that occupies a small area and shows the curve of skin and outline.If you want to create a relaxed and free, free atmosphere, excitement and passion, this is your choice.

8. Transparent bodybuilding

The transparent body is often used for dance, sexy photos and party occasions.In this plastic suit, women are like a toy like a sexy toy, making you more sexy and charming in the eyes of others.

Nine, Super big -code sexy underwear

Super big -size sexy underwear is specifically prepared for plump women.It has a beautiful design and is also suitable for large -size people.Let them also wear their sexy with confidence, show their charm, and make the choice of love more free and unrestrained.

Ten, men’s and women’s universal sex clothes

Men and women’s universal sexy underwear is a trendy sexy lingerie design, which can be suitable for men and women couples.It is usually composed of heads, tops and underwear, which can not only reflect the masculinity of men, but also show women’s enchanting and softness.


No matter which WeChat beauty underwear you choose, the key is the purpose of dress to ensure the comfort and relaxation of your sexual life.At the same time, we must also understand the size, material, style, and different underwear of each sexy underwear.We believe that each woman can find a style that suits them in many sexy underwear, showing different charm and beauty.

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