The world’s largest sexy underwear sales place

The world’s largest sexy underwear sales place

Interest underwear has become a must -have for modern fashion. There are many sexy underwear merchants on the Internet, but where is the largest place for sex underwear in the world?Here is a introduction to the world’s largest sexy underwear sales.


The United States is one of the largest sexy underwear sales markets in the world. Among them, Ervica, Los Angeles, Miami and other cities are the most famous.These cities not only have many sexy underwear stores, but also various large -scale interesting fairs, which attracts the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts to visit and buy.


Europe is one of the most avant -garde areas in the world in the world. Among them, Brussels, Belgium, is known as European sex underwear.Brussels not only have the headquarters of many sexy underwear brands, but also a variety of sexy underwear shops, as well as internationally renowned sexy underwear exhibitions.


Japan is one of Asia’s largest sexy underwear sales market, of which Tokyo’s sex lingerie shops are the most concentrated.Japanese sexy underwear is mainly based on "cute", "fresh", "sweet" and so on, and is loved by female consumers.


China is one of the sexy underwear production bases in the world. Among them, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities are the main production sites.China’s sexy underwear industry has not only formed a complete industrial chain, but also produced products at a very high level in quality and style, which is popular with overseas customers.


Australia is one of the countries with a higher consumption status in the world in the world. Among them, Sydney is one of the main distribution sites in the sex underwear market.The sexy underwear market in Australia is mainly "sexy", "nature", and "comfort", which is loved by consumers.


Canada is one of the countries with a higher level of sexy underwear industry in the world. Among them, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and other cities are the most famous.There are many sexy underwear stores in Canada, and the design styles are also very diverse.

Latin American area

Latin America is one of the areas where the sexy underwear industry is developing rapidly in the world, among which countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina are the most famous.The sexy underwear markets in these countries are mainly "sexy" and "hot", and their styles are very rich.

other areas

In addition to the above -mentioned areas, there are also sexy underwear markets in other regions. For example, Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and African countries in South Africa and Egypt, the sexy underwear markets in these regions are also worthy of attention.


The sexy underwear markets around the world have their unique characteristics and charm. Through the sexy underwear products in different regions, they can better understand the local culture and aesthetics.You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your needs and preferences.

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