The story of using sex underwear

First wearing a sexy jacket

I remember that for the first time I wore a sexy lingerie, especially the three -point lace three -point set.At first, I felt a little shy and uncomfortable, but as long as I adjusted the position to ensure that all the details were in the right place, I felt a sexy and self -confidence that I had never had.

Improving sex life

Wearing erotic underwear allows you to scatter a confidence and sexy from the inside out. This feeling can enhance your interesting life.My husband has a great preference for me to wear sexy underwear. He will always be more enthusiastic and pay attention to me, and our sexual life has become more fulfilling and interesting.

Meet the needs of different styles

There are almost different styles and designs in erotic underwear. No matter what style you like, you can find a suit that suits you.For example, I often choose the sexy underwear of floral or pink series, and when I want to try a more charming and sexy style, I will try to penetrate through perspective or lace.

Appropriate occasions and time

Wearing erotic underwear is not necessarily suitable for all occasions.For example, when you want to participate in a formal dinner or company party, wearing sex underwear may not be appropriate.Similarly, if you have some accidental sexual adventures with your partner, wearing sex underwear may be a good idea.However, please remember that, under what circumstances, sexy underwear should be your own, and the right time and place.

Length and material

The length and material of sexy underwear are very important. Be sure to choose according to your body and preference.If you don’t like too exposed, you can choose pants.If you want to try some more sexy designs, the style of perspective and lace may be suitable for you.In terms of materials, different materials can bring different feelings and experiences. Silk is a more comfortable choice, while leather is more wild and challenging.

Choose a suitable bra

The bra is the most critical part of sexy underwear and the core of the shape.Choosing the right bra can make your chest look more plump and sexy.Whether you are big or small, choosing a suitable bra will make you feel more confident and sexy.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

When wearing sex underwear, you must pay attention to hygiene issues.The fabric of sexy underwear is usually thin and it is not easy to clean. To this end, it is recommended to wash it before wearing it.Moreover, due to the different degrees of sensitivity to the material in different parts, you must pay special attention to hygiene problems before you wear it.

Interest underwear is not just a matter of couples

Interest underwear is not only used between couples.Female friends can also choose and wear sexy underwear together to strengthen the friendship and intimacy between each other.Of course, this also requires everyone to have an open attitude and correct concept of wearing sexy underwear.

Show your beauty and sexy

Interest underwear can be a display of your own, showing your beauty, sexy, and confident confidence.It can not only enhance interesting life, but also allow us to feel more self -confidence and beauty in daily life.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you wear, the most important thing is to make yourself feel happy and confident.


Interest underwear is a small incentive in our daily life. It can not only enhance the sex life, but also make us pay more attention and care for ourselves, showing our beauty and sexy.Choose the style and material that suits you, pay attention to hygiene issues, and properly wear sexy underwear, which can make us feel more enjoyment and confidence.

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