The true story of wearing a sex lingerie as love

1. The initial experience of wearing sex underwear

My partner and I have been exploring fresh ways to increase the fun of our sexual life.Once, we decided to try to wear sexy lingerie for love.We bought a set of sexy erotic underwear. When I put it on, I felt like a new person, full of confidence and charm.This feeling inspired our more enthusiastic sexual desire, and we spent the night of crazy love.

2. Share love and sexy

Wearing sexy underwear can increase the intimacy between husband and wife, make each other more relaxed, and share more love and sexy.As a result, our relationship has been strengthened, we live happily together and love each other more enthusiastic.

3. Breaking the conventional sexual lifestyle

The traditional sexual lifestyle becomes tedious and eventually exhausted.Wearing a sexy underwear is one of the novel ways to break the conventional, allowing you to get rid of unhealthy habits and experience unusual love.

4. Self -exploration

Wearing a sexy underwear makes us pay more attention to the body of ourselves and partners, which can help us better explore the sexual attraction of ourselves and partners.This exploration can extend the time of sexual life, strengthen the stimulus of sex, and let us enjoy the fun of sex.

5. More confident and sexy

Wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s confidence and sexy, fully show their charm and temperament, and leave a deep impression on the partner.Similarly, it can also increase the charm and masculinity of men, and improve their self -confidence and sexual attractiveness.

6. Increase interest and excitement

Wearing erotic underwear can add fun and excitement to our sex life, make our love more interesting and irritating, and let us enjoy unusual sexual fun.

7. Improve sexual quality

Wearing erotic underwear affects our quality of sex, it will make our sex life more exciting and pleasant.This change can increase our sexual happiness and satisfaction, so that our sexual life is better.

8. Need the right occasion and method

Wearing a sexy underwear requires the right occasion and method. This is not a daily underwear that can be worn casually. It needs to be carried out in a safe and private environment.We can add more exciting love and warmth in our romantic life.

9. Not everyone’s dishes

Wearing sex underwear is not suitable for everyone, including those who are not interested in bold sex experience, or refuse to accept because of personal belief or cultural habits.We should respect the choices and preferences of others more. Do not force the use of sexy underwear or use it as the criterion for judging sex.

10. End language

In summary, wearing sexy underwear can indeed bring wonderful stimulus and enjoyment to your sex life, but it is not suitable for everyone.Everyone should choose the sexual experience and method that suits them and partners.With the essence and charm, we can make our sex life more exciting.

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