The original god creates a horrible sexy underwear


In the game circle, the explosive game "The original God" has become one of the hottest topics.For players who love the game, not only because of the richness of the character, but also because of the unique clothing design of the characters in the lineup.In the latest version, the original god launched a new creative, that is, creating a character sex lingerie.This means that players will begin to understand their favorite game characters, and more details that "wear" on them, so that the game brings a richer experience.

History sexy underwear design

Interest underwear began to appear in Europe and the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. As people increased their cultural acceptance, sexy underwear became part of people’s daily wear.These are designed as a sexy, Gothic or very gorgeous clothing, designed for all occasions related to sex.

"Original God" sexy underwear brand

Sex underwear is usually a relatively private clothing, but in "The original God", the sexy underwear brings people unexpected surprises with exquisite design.These sexy underwear brands are designed for characters in the game. Each brand and players have different design concepts.

Design element

To understand the design of these sexy underwear, it can be found that they have given various design elements of corset, underwear and milk stickers.It is worth mentioning that they are presented in ultra -high details, and the overall style is elegant and attractive.Whether you like pink light, black sexy, sweet girl or cool style, you can find a choice that suits you in different brands.

Designer’s role

The designer of the character sex underwear is no different from ordinary underwear designers. They must consider the texture of the underwear and the application of high -quality materials.At the same time, they also need to consider the character’s personality, background and characteristics at the same time to ensure that the designed underwear is loyal to the character.This often requires great energy and investment to achieve the effect of perfect design.

Community response

The response of sexy underwear in the original Shrine is not as people are generally imagined. Most players welcomed this.They believe that these clothing enhances the character’s personalization and the fun of the game, and also provides additional choices for players.Some players even shared pictures of characters wearing sexy underwear on social media, "showing" a new side for their roles.


Of course, for some players, the design of sexy underwear is considered an unnecessary vulgar and unreasonable design.They believe that it is an unrealistic behavior to make players spend a lot of virtual currencies wearing sexy underwear.But it is worth noting that more players have given affirmation, which means that the original god will continue to launch more sexy underwear designs in the future version.

Future erotic underwear design

With the continuous upgrading of "The original God", we can look forward to more sexy underwear design for future versions and bring a richer experience to players.Designers will take more time and energy to consider the design concepts of the future version of the sex clothing, and how to integrate them into characters and plots.


In general, the original god’s creation of the role of sexy underwear has become a highlight of the system’s system.It not only enhances the character’s personalization and the selectivity of the player, but also brings unexpected surprises.The emergence of sexy underwear will affect the development of the original version of the original god, and it is expected to bring more freshness with different experiences.

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