The earliest Taiwan Shu Qi sexy underwear show

The earliest Taiwan Shu Qi sexy underwear show

Background introduction

Shu Qi is a well -known actress and model in Hong Kong’s film and television industry. In the 1990s, she became popular because of shooting a number of films, becoming the darling of film and television at the time, and has attracted much attention.At that time, she was also the spokesperson in the sex underwear industry and made publicity and endorsement for the sexy lingerie of many brands.The earliest sexy underwear show was held in Taiwan.

Sexy underwear show details

The sexy underwear show was held in a shopping mall in Taiwan at the time. The layout of the entire show was very simple and generous. There was no fancy light and dancing effect. It was just a simple stage.Mystery.

Shu Qi’s wonderful performance

Shu Qi is the spokesperson of the sexy lingerie brand. She wore the latest sexy underwear launched by the brand and stood on the stage to show her beautiful figure.She is sometimes charming, sometimes fresh and cute, making the audience dizzy, and every sexy underwear she shows has attracted warm applause and cheers.

The psychological experience brought by people

The sexy underwear show brings strong stimulation and impact visually, and the feel is amazing.Watching the sexy underwear show makes people seem to be immersed in a absurd dream.

Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear is a clothing for modern fashion women to pursue romantic, sexy and fashionable.According to styles and design, it can be divided into charming three -point, sexy stockings suits, seductive lace underwear, gorgeous dress styles, unique shirt styles and casual and lazy home clothes.Each sexy underwear has its own unique style and characteristics.

Precautions for buying sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your figure, style and the effect you want to achieve.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the material, craftsmanship and design of sexy underwear, choose the underwear that suits you, so that you are more confident and beautiful when wearing them.

Sexy underwear matching skills

The matching of sexy underwear needs to be considered according to the overall shape.It can be paired with high heels, stockings, jewelry, etc. to enhance the overall effect of clothing, or match with some unique and colorful coats to create a more fashionable and unique matching effect.

The development trend of sexy underwear

As a fashionable clothing of modern women, sexy underwear has become more and more diverse with the progress of the times and the development of society, and its style and style are also more colorful, highlighting women’s personality and personal charm.The trend of sexy underwear in the future will develop more in the direction of personalization, fashion, and high -tech.


Sexy underwear is a must -have clothing for modern fashion women. Whether in private occasions or in daily life, women’s elegance, beauty, brightness and confidence can be reflected.With the continuous development of society in the future, the types and quality of sexy underwear will also be greater improvement and development, so that women can show their charm at any moment.

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