Temptation Erotic Fun underwear

What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a sexy underwear, which aims to enhance sexual attraction and cause excitement, mainly for emotional maintenance and sexual stimulation.It is usually composed of bright colors, sexy fabrics and sexy design.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear, including bra, bottom pants, jackets, socks, etc.Based on different uses, design and fabrics, underwear can be divided into multiple types, such as swimsuit -style sexy underwear, lace -decorated sexy underwear, bellybands, and personal underwear.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a sexy underwear?

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to:

Comfort: Lace and lace are more sexy designs, but the feelings of these fabrics on the skin are not always comfortable.

Size: Underwear with inappropriate size can affect your self -confidence, or cause skin allergies.

Uses: Different uses require different designs and materials.For example, swimsuit -style sexy underwear may be suitable for wearing in the swimming pool, but it is not necessarily suitable for use in bed.

Budget: The price of sexy underwear has changed due to different design and material.You need to choose according to budget and use.

Falling underwear wearing skills

Here are some sexy underwear wearing skills:

Perfect figure: Make sure people wearing underwear are confident and comfortable, because the purpose of choosing sexy underwear is to suffer more pressure on love and psychology.

Ask your partner: Communication with your partner can make sure people in sexy underwear feel cute and sexy.The partner can give Zhong Ken’s feedback to help you present perfectly.

Suitable occasions: Wearing sexy underwear requires appropriate time and occasions.Need to keep in mind your purpose at all times, not blindly follow the trend.

With clothing: sexy lingerie with good quality and good clothes can increase the overall temperament and confidence and bring yourself more fun.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

There are a few tips for maintaining sexy underwear:

Hand washing: Use warm water and mild cleaner hand to wash sexy underwear to protect the fabrics and avoid damaging the structure.

Dry: It is best not to dry up in sexy underwear, because this will damage the details and lines of the fabric.Yinan is the best choice.

Classified storage: Don’t store it with other items that can damage it, but try to sort it in a clean storage box as much as possible.

The advantages of sexy underwear

Several advantages of sexy underwear:

Enhance self -confidence: Wearing sexy sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence and give women more self -esteem and self -confidence.

Improve emotional life: Wearing sexy underwear helps to improve personal charm and attractiveness, can also improve emotional life, and get more satisfaction in emotion.

Increasing fun: Wearing sexy underwear can increase fun and passion.This is very important for those emotional couples.

Falling underwear challenges

Although there are many advantages of sexy underwear, it also faces some challenges:

Price: The price of sex underwear is relatively expensive, and many people cannot bear such costs.

Social concept: In some traditional culture, people’s concepts of sex are more conservative.Wearing a sexy underwear may make people feel uncomfortable or criticized by society.

Quality: There are a lot of sexy underwear in the market that are not good, and there are fake and shoddy products on the market.


Sex underwear can bring us a lot of fun and emotional satisfaction, but when choosing and using sex underwear, you also need to pay attention to some precautions.Only in the right circumstances can erotic underwear play its due role.

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