The chest is small, the love lingerie

【The breasts are small and erotic lingerie】

Underwear is a necessity for women. It can play a good support and beautify the chest shape.For women with small breasts, choosing suitable sexy underwear is particularly important.But in the market, there are many types of sexy underwear. How can I buy it to effectively improve the condition of the chest?Below, I will introduce some tips for buying.

[Know your chest type]

Different chest types need different sexy underwear, so understanding that your chest type is the first step in purchasing sexy underwear.Observe your chest from two perspectives, and then find your chest type classification.Common chest types include drooping, flat type, drooping and exterior.Only by knowing your chest shape can you choose the right sexy underwear accurately.

[Select the style with breast enhancement effect]

In recent years, there have been many sexy underwear with breast enhancement effects on the market.Most of these erotic underwear use high elastic materials and proper design, which can effectively shape and improve the lines of the chest.Therefore, choosing a style with breast enhancement effect can effectively improve the chest shape.

[Avoid choosing restraint sexy underwear]

Best sexy underwear can limit breast movements and deform the chest.For women with small breasts, choosing a restrained sexy underwear will make the chest look smaller.Therefore, we must avoid choosing a restrained sexy underwear.

[Select the material that suits you]

The material of sexy underwear is also important.For women with small breasts, it is important to choose sexy underwear with a certain elasticity and high comfort.For example, cotton, suspenders, silk and other fabrics are suitable.

[Select sexy underwear with lace design]

There are people who love beauty. Wearing a lace design sexy underwear can not only increase the sweetness, but also create a more perfect figure.For women with small breasts, the placement of lace can play a role of dispersion, covering the shortcomings of their chest.

[Select a style with improvement effect]

For women with small breasts, it is also important to choose sexy underwear with improved effects.For example, sexy underwear with the Push UP function can effectively increase the chest shape and enhance the visual effect.Moreover, when choosing the Push UP style, consider your own comfort and ventilation.

[Select the right shoulder strap style]

Different shoulder straps have different functions. Choosing a suitable shoulder strap style can also help improve the chest shape.For women with small breasts, choosing a sexy underwear with a wide shoulder strap can better improve the burden on the shoulder, and avoid traces of the shoulder straps.Moreover, the strap should have a certain elasticity, which can avoid being easy to loosen.

[Choose a style that is not as decorative]

Many erotic underwear are decorated, but women with small breasts should not choose too much decoration.Because too much decoration can distract people, it is easy to be covered by the chest.At the same time, excessive decoration will also cause the lingerie to loosen the tightness and the chest is not beautiful enough.

[Comprehensive consideration of price and quality]

For any kind of sexy underwear, the price and quality are considered together.Don’t blindly pursue low price sexy underwear, the corresponding quality may not be too good.Conversely, expensive erotic underwear may not be more comfortable.In order to consider the price and quality, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.

【Summary view】

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only improve your body and mood, but also make yourself more confident and beautiful.By understanding your chest shape, choosing suitable styles and materials, avoiding restraint sexy underwear, comprehensive consideration of price and quality, you can buy the most suitable sex underwear for you.Make yourself more beautiful and charming!

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