The anchor wearing a sexy underwear Little Jasmine


In the past, sexy underwear was still a relatively closed topic. However, in recent years, as people have continued to increase their sexual openness, sexy underwear has gradually been understood by more people, and even some people are not excessive to work in sexy underwear.In the webcast, some anchors are also common to wear sexy underwear. Among them, the anchor Little Jasmine is a very good example.

little Jasmine

Little Jasmine was originally named Wang Xiaoli, a Internet celebrity, and the number of fans has exceeded one million.Her biggest feature is that she likes to wear various sexy underwear in live broadcasts, whether it is a charming model or a sexy model, or even a more exposed style, dare to try.Wearing erotic underwear can not only attract more fans, but also show her figure and sexy charm.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are the most common type, mainly made of lace, silk and other materials, which can show women’s figure curve and sexy charm.Sexual feelings are also divided into multiple styles, which can be selected according to different figures and needs.

Charm sexy underwear

For sexy models of charm and sexy underwear, it is more emphasizing the characteristics of certain areas, such as chest, waist, or hip, so as to cause men to be curious.The design of the charm and sexy underwear is relatively complicated, and the color is mainly black and red, with some small sexy elements.

The anchor wears sexy underwear

Unlike the wearing of ordinary people, the anchor wears sexy underwear to attract more audiences and fans, and it can also increase the popularity of the live broadcast room.The anchor also needs to be careful not to be exposed to sexy underwear, making the audience look comfortable rather than embarrassing.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a more popular type, with many styles and can be selected according to different needs.Compared with domestic styles, European and American sexy underwear is more bold and sexy, and there are even some styles that can be worn as swimwear.

Adult sexy underwear

Compared with other styles of adults, adult sexy lingerie is more used in sex toys and love supplies, and the user group is relatively special.Adults’ sexy underwear has a certain irritation and can increase the fun of sex activities.

Different body choices

Different figures can choose different erotic underwear so that wearers can better show their body advantages.For example, people with full breasts can try some styles with more chest decoration, while people with hips can choose some underwear with better hip design.


There are more places to pay attention to in sexy underwear. First of all, you must choose the suitable size of your own. Do not wear too large or too small underwear. SecondlyMatch, don’t be too exposed or unsatisfactory.

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can not only increase the curve beauty of the figure, but also make women more confident and sexy in their hearts.For men, sexy underwear is also attractive, which can increase the fun and interest of sexual life.


In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic. More and more women have begun to pay attention to and understand emotional lingerie. The anchor Little Jasmine and other popular online female anchors have also attracted a large number of audiences and fans through wearing sexy underwear.EssenceHowever, wearing erotic underwear also needs to choose carefully, do not expose too much, not to wear improperly, and let yourself show your beauty and charm more confidently.

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