The boyfriend said you don’t buy sexy underwear

Boyfriend’s idea

In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer a topic that cannot be talked about, but a means of enhancing emotions between men and women.However, some men do not want their girlfriends or wives to wear sexy underwear, which confuses female friends.What do men do not like sexy underwear?

Cause Analysis

There are mainly the following reasons for men who do not like sexy underwear:

The traditional concept is heavier, and it is believed that the sexy underwear is exposed and vulgar.

Shy or lack of enthusiasm.

Afraid that women wear sexy underwear to put pressure on their self -esteem.

The importance of communication

If your boyfriend or husband does not like sexy underwear, this does not mean that you have to give up completely.First of all, you should communicate with the man, understand the man’s concerns and worry, and try to find a solution to the problem.

Buy the right sexy underwear

If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t like sexy underwear, you can start with the appropriate sexy underwear.For example, you can choose a style that is more conservative and can show the body curve to avoid excessive exposure and vulgar styles.

The role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a tool that helps couples to increase their feelings, not a tool to show others.It can enhance women’s confidence and charm, and bring visual and psychological stimuli to men.Men should pay more attention to the meaning of sexy underwear, not appearance.

Sex underwear and sex life

There is no inevitable connection between sexy underwear and sex life.Interesting underwear is a clothing that shows femininity and beauty. There is nothing to merge together.Therefore, if your boyfriend is embarrassed before the sexy underwear, you can use it as a way to communicate feelings.

Establish a relationship between husband and wife

Boyfriends or husbands don’t like sexy underwear, not necessarily that they have no trust in you.Interest underwear is just a clothing, not a symbol of betrayal or mimic.Between husbands and wives should establish trust relationships and respect each other’s choices and decisions.

Respect the boyfriend’s opinion

If your boyfriend or husband does not like to wear sexy underwear, you should respect their opinions and do not force and pressure.After all, husband and wife should be an equal and harmonious relationship, not the arbitrary and dominance of a person.

Change your boyfriend’s attitude

If you have communicated many times, your boyfriend or husband still disagree, you can use more ways to change his ideas.You can introduce him to the benefits and significance of sexy underwear, wearing suitable sexy underwear to let him see, improve his charm.


Interest underwear is a way of diversified and self -expression. In this diverse society, we should respect everyone’s choice, and communication and understanding are the best ways to solve problems.

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