Kiss scene wearing sex underwear

Prelude to wearing erotic underwear

In the hall of love, kissing is a very important way of expression.Kiss scenes can increase their mood and make people feel different.The beauty wearing a sexy underwear looks more sexy in the kiss scene.Below, let’s take a look at how to make the kiss wearing sexy lingerie even more amazing.

Choose the right sexy underwear

In a kiss scene, it is important to wear suitable sexy underwear.For example, red lace sexy underwear is usually regarded as one of the most sexy clothing, and black sexy underwear looks more mysterious and charming.The sexy underwear of transparent materials can add a sense of mystery and make people look forward to more surprises.

Put the underwear to the size

Putting the right size sexy underwear on your body will make you more confident and comfortable.Underwear with inappropriate sizes will give people an unbearable discomfort.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the appropriate size.

With beautiful lipstick

With beautiful lipsticks can make your kiss more tempting.When choosing lipstick, you can consider nude or pink. These colors can highlight the soft atmosphere of women.At the same time, highlighting on your lips can make your lips more textured.

Keep the hygiene before kiss

Keeping physical hygiene is very important for kiss scenes wearing sexy underwear.Before kissing, you can take a bath and clean your body so that you can give your partner a better experience.

Makeup needs moderate

Makeup needs moderation, and too strong makeup may appear unnatural.When you make makeup again before kissing, you need to pay attention not to cover the beauty of the underwear. At the same time, you can add some glittering powder to the cheekbones, blush, and eye shadow to make you more dazzling.

Choose the right kiss skills

In the kiss scene, suitable kiss skills are very important.For everyone’s kiss skills, they can decide which kind of kiss skills to use according to the feeling of their partners.For example, you can use slow and soft "French kisses", or fierce and passionate "tooth kisses", which can make the kiss wearing sexy underwear more tension.

Use the right posture

The choice of posture during kiss scenes is also very important.You can stand facing each other, or use half lying or sitting, so that the other party can see the beauty of your entire body.And put your hand behind your partner’s neck or waist, you can increase your sense of intimacy and make the kiss scene even feel.

You need to pay attention to the details of sexy underwear

The kiss scene wearing a sexy lingerie also needs to pay attention to the details of the underwear.For example, choosing underwear with zipper or buttons can add more laughing points; choosing lace underwear can add a sexy and hot.

The attitude of showing self -confidence

Finally, self -confidence is the most important element of kiss scenes wearing sexy underwear.You have to believe that your charm and sexy can let the other party appreciate.Show a self -confidence attitude and make your kiss show even more climax.


The kiss scene wearing sex underwear requires the right underwear, moderate makeup, suitable kiss skills and posture, and a confident attitude.When all elements are integrated, your kiss show will become more perfect and the heat will become more and more intense.

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