Teacher wears a fun underwear and let me


When I first saw the English teacher in the class entered the classroom wearing a sexy underwear, I was shocked.I never thought that teachers would wear such clothes.But in the next few weeks, I started to realize that sexy underwear is not only suitable for specific occasions or situations, but a fashion item that can be worn in daily life.

Understand sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a clothing that enhances sexual attractiveness and enhances sex.It is usually made of transparent lace, satin, silk and other sexy materials.Interest underwear has a variety of styles, which may include sets and jackets, as well as cute or sweet, sexy or exposed styles.

Learn about different sex underwear types

There are many different types of sexy underwear, including the following:

Bigrs and coats

Stockings and stockings

Lace panties and thongs

Fashion bra and brown bra

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

To choose the right sexy underwear, the following factors need to be considered:


Suitable occasion

Self -confidence


The skills of wearing sex underwear

Putting sexy underwear correctly can make you more confident and sexy.Here are several techniques wearing sexy underwear:

Choose a size that suits you

Pay attention to posture and attitude when wearing sexy underwear

Learn how to use jackets or jersey to match fun underwear

Wear sexy underwear in a comfortable situation

How to wear sex underwear in daily life

Interest underwear is not only suitable for couples or specific occasions.It can also be worn to master a certain skill and add some interest to daily life.

Use the bra with high waist skirt

Use stockings with short skirts

Use a blouse with jeans

Pay attention

Although sexy underwear can enhance sexual attractiveness and interest, don’t forget the following points:

Don’t force yourself to wear uncomfortable erotic lingerie

Avoid wearing sexy underwear on workplace or other unsuitable occasions

Don’t rely too much on sexy underwear to enhance self -confidence and charm

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear can enhance self -confidence and charm.It is not only suitable for specific occasions or situations, and it can also be worn in daily life.But pay attention to suitable occasions, your own comfort and self -confidence.Putting in sexy underwear correctly will make you more confident, sexy and attractive.

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