Taobao sells sexy underwear restrictions

Taobao sells sexy underwear restrictions

It is very common to sell interesting underwear on Taobao, but although they enhance women’s sexuality and sexy sex, they cannot buy or sell without control.The Taobao platform has some restricted clauses and regulations. Some are fixed in the host country, and some depend on Taobao’s regulations.In this article, we will explore these restrictions and explain the reasons.

Wipe the ball

When it comes to sexy underwear, everyone’s body is different, which makes the size problem challenging.Taobao stipulates that the smallest size of sexy underwear is M code, which means that you cannot sell smaller size than M code.This provision is mainly due to morality and ethics to protect the healthy growth of minors and adolescents.

Violence, porn elements

Taobao has included "prohibited products" within the scope of sale.In addition to the products prohibited by national laws, Taobao also prohibits the sale of sexy underwear with violence, nausea, obscenity and pornographic content. This fact has been released through official statements.Taobao will deal with illegal stores. Do not violate regulations, otherwise the store will be shut down.

Color and style

There are also restrictions on the color and style of selling sexy underwear in Taobao.For example, Taobao does not allow the sale of sexy underwear with yellow, green, purple, and other colors related to sexual behavior. Taobao also requires the store to use physical shows to display its products.The store can show its products through graphic photos.

Human model problem

In order to show the actual effect of sexy underwear in the actual effect, some Taobao shops use human models to take photos of their products, which violates Taobao regulations.Taobao does not allow the sale and display of civilization and moral controversial products, including naked photos.Although these regulations are a bit strict, they are considered for the publicity and sales of related products.

The store must comment clearly

Another Taobao stipulates that the store is required to give clear annotations when selling sexy underwear.These notes include the materials, size and other related information of the product to ensure that consumers get accurate and sufficient information.The store also needs to indicate its own qualification certificate on the platform. Stores that meet the needs of relevant qualifications are eligible to sell sexy underwear. This requirement can help ensure the quality of the product.

Integrity is the foundation

Taobao puts the requirements of integrity.If the store cannot maintain a good reputation, their shops will be removed by Taobao.For shops selling fun underwear, they must ensure that quality guarantees are provided, and subsequent services and after -sales service can be recognized by Taobao platforms.

There are specific restrictions on price battle

In Taobao, price wars often occur.For shops selling sexy underwear, they must follow Taobao’s price rules.Taobao allows the store’s profit margin to reach 20%and the price reduction discount does not exceed 10%.If there is a violation in terms of price, then Taobao will deduct the products, and even remove the store.

technical problem

It is not easy to sell interesting underwear on Taobao.If the store has any deviation in law or technology, the Taobao platform can need to modify them to meet the requirements.Some common technical problems include product picture size, resolution, and the release elements of the Taobao platform (such as color tone, etc.).The store must understand in detail before the release.

Display problem

In addition to pictures and styles, Taobao also requires stores to indicate the materials contained in sexy underwear.For example, if the sexy underwear uses silk, lace or other special fabrics, the store must make clear marks in the product introduction.Consumers not only need to know the materials, but also know the nursing and cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the product.

in conclusion

In short, we can see that selling sexy underwear on Taobao needs to comply with rules and regulations, but these rules are mainly to ensure the physical and mental health of consumers.Taobao regulations should not hinder merchants from engaging in standardized and legal sales activities. As long as the sales staff understand and comply with the regulations, they can sell sexy underwear through Taobao platform and get enough profits.

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