Spray tide online to see sexy lingerie face

Spray tide online to see sexy lingerie face

Learn about spray tide and sexy underwear

Tide tide has always been a controversial topic.Simply put, it refers to the liquid excreted by women on orgasm.And sexy underwear is a kind of underwear designed to increase sex. It can be divided into a variety of types such as cat women’s suits, handcuffs, and SM suits.The connection between tide spray and sexy lingerie is that when many women try to sex underwear, they will find that they are more likely to have a tide performance.

What is a tide?

Tide refers to the liquid excreted by women during the climax.It is composed of urine and other liquid mixtures, but the ingredients are unclear.Recent studies have shown that this liquid contains prostate special antigen (PSA), which shows that it may be formed by female prostate liquid.

Why does sex underwear cause tide?

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Interest underwear provides people with a way to create and discover new sexual experiences.Some sexy underwear can stimulate women’s sensitive points and increase the frequency of pleasure and orgasm.Women wearing sexy underwear are prone to spraying because these underwear will increase liquid accumulation and pressure, or stimulate clitoris, making it easier for women to get climax.

The influence of tide on the relationship

Some women believe that tide spray can enhance the intimate relationship with partners.During the process of sex, orgasm and tide spraying can not only bring a strong pleasure, but also understand each other’s preferences of each other’s sex, and build deeper love and trust.On the other hand, some people may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. This problem should be open and honest and communicate with partners.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the differences in various styles, sizes and fabrics.First of all, you should ensure that the underwear is appropriate, not only easy to be harmed, but also the effect of disappointing sex underwear.Secondly, it will be a good start in infant skin -like underwear and hanging sticks.Before buying higher levels and complex styles, you can experience it yourself.

Restrictions and precautions

Although spraying and fun underwear can bring more fun and pleasure to sex, remember to pay attention to safety.If you have not tried tide, try to patience and stimulate a healthy sex life, and perform a security practice in the process of experiencing new things in sex to better protect yourself.More lubricants and safety measures are needed in practice.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not the same as ordinary underwear.Because sexy underwear may not just be simple cotton substances, it is best to conduct in the instructions in the instructions when cleaning.At the same time, maintenance should prevent sun exposure, alcohol, and paste, and the long -term storage and maintenance of sexy underwear also has an important role.


How do you choose your favorite sexy underwear?

Exploring new things with your partner is very important to understand sexual preferences.First understand what you like, experience various types of underwear, from lace to PU leather, from red to black, from exposed waist to the cosplay series.Secondly, knowing what kind of underwear you want you to wear, whether you need an image she wants, or what kind of self she wants to experience, this will increase your intimacy, understanding that the other party’s needs are the first step in firm feelings.

Moral and legal issues

Although spraying and erotic underwear are the fields of legal and morality, safety and protection are very important in practice.Understanding the needs and restrictions, trust and honesty of yourself and your partner is the key to ensuring a healthy sex life.

in conclusion

Interest underwear can enhance sexual experience and intimacy, and promote the phenomenon of spraying, and instantly increase sexual pleasure.But in the process of enjoying, safety and protection need to pay special attention.We should share and discuss this topic in our community, partners and friends to help everyone enjoy a healthy sex life.