Split -leg erotic underwear

Split -leg erotic underwear

Legs and sexy underwear: add flowers to sexy icing on the icing on the icing on the icing

As a kind of sexy underwear, the split -leg erotic underwear is highly sought after by the special design and stimulus function.Today, let’s find out!


The design of the split -leg sex lingerie is that its trousers legs are split, and they are separated into two. After putting it on, you will find that your lower body is exposed. In an instant, your sexy index will rise instantly!


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There are many styles of leggings erotic underwear. They are: thongs, split legs, sexy underwear, T -shaped legs sexy underwear and briefs.Each style exudes different sexy charm, and for fun enthusiasts to choose according to personal preferences.


Sepaled erotic underwear is made of different materials, including plastic, leather, cotton and silk.Each material has a different touch and texture. You can feel the strong and domineering atmosphere of plastic and leather version, while the cotton and silk versions are more suitable for a soft and gentle romantic atmosphere.


Legs and erotic underwear are not suitable for everyone. The applicable object is those who are looking forward to new experiences and who like to be stimulated by sex.Of course, different brands, different materials, and different styles of leggings have only formal differences in the existence of the existence of the lingerie of the underwear. What really makes the split -split sexy underwear play an important role is the user’s sexual imagination and creativity.


The use of legs and sexy underwear is diverse. You can wear it to attend the ball, or you can share sex with your lovers in the bedroom.When you put on it, you will feel very sexy and sloppy. If you can use it with sexy toys, the experience will double.


Although the split -leg erotic underwear looks very attractive and sexy, users still need to pay attention to some matters, such as: split legs and underwear should be purchased according to their own figure; pay attention to hygiene when usingHabits; with some erotic supplies, such as lipstick vibration sticks, the effect will be better.



We need to pay special attention to maintaining and maintaining the erotic underwear of the legs. First of all, use a special cleaner when cleaning.


Due to the influence of different factors such as materials, styles, and brands, the price of split -leg erotic underwear is diverse. Generally, the price is between RMB 50 and 200 yuan.

in conclusion

Leggings sexy underwear is a sexy, exciting sexy underwear. Use with sex toys, which can bring you the joy and new sex experience of your body and mind.But at the same time, users also need to pay attention to hygiene, maintenance and maintenance, to bring themselves and lovers a higher quality sex experience.