Small size sex lingerie female polar pollution temptation

Small size sex lingerie female polar pollution temptation

Small size sex lingerie female polar pollution temptation

Interest underwear has always been one of the symbols of sexy, and small -size sex lingerie is a kind of lingerie that has been popular for many years.Although there are many erotic underwear brands on the market, for small -size sexy underwear, most brands have relatively small number of designs.The small -size sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in the current market, which is also a symbol of sexy.In this article, I will introduce the particularly popular types of small -size sexy underwear and introduce their main characteristics.

Silk Stockings

As one of the small -size sexy underwear, the sexy level of the stockings is recognized by many women.The main feature of stockings suits is composed of a short top with underwear cup and one -third of the hem and a tulle skirt with a tulle.As its name describes, the stockings suit needs to be matched with sexy stockings.

Lace Dress (LACE DRESS)

Mesh Lingerie Set Skirt – 4281

Lace skirt is another very popular type in small -size sexy underwear.Its design structure includes a lace bra, a short lace top, and a transparent lace skirt.The whole lace dress is composed of exquisite lace lace and some decorative ribbons, making the entire underwear look very sexy.

Mesh Body Suit

Net eye fabric is a conjoined underwear made of mesh eye material.Its design structure includes a small lower switch, aside from the design of the hem.As its name describes, the mesh connectivity is actually composed of countless small tennis, and the overall looks very sexy.

Stretch Fabric Outfit

The elastic cloth material is a small -size sexy lingerie that combines elastic cloth material and lace material.Its design structure includes a lace bra and a hem up skirt.The elastic cloth material gives this underwear better skin, extreme comfort and strong tolerance.

Low-cut bodysuit

The design structure of the low -cut body installation is very simple, mainly a low -cut long -sleeved jacket and the design of low -waisted hem.This underwear is very suitable for women with full breasts.Due to the particularity of its design structure, the sexyness will be upgraded a lot after wearing.

Mong Bodysuit

In addition, M -shaped trousers are also one of the few small -size sexy underwear.The design of this underwear includes a suspended underwear cup, a hem design similar to a triangular skirt, and two straps across the waist.The band is made of high -quality elastic material, which can give women pressure and support, making women more sexy and confident.


Spaghetti Strap Bodysual

The design structure of the camisole is a suspender -style vest underwear. The waist is a thin band and a chassis of a mesh eye.This underwear is suitable for women of all figures, and its design is very suitable for women with slim figures.Its special design can make women’s shapes more beautiful and sexy.

Wrap-Maround Bodysuit

In the end, the hip -hip -type connective dressing is a small -size sexy underwear that can perfectly display women’s figure.A high -waisted design, a skirt around the waist and a sleeve that is close to the body to make women’s lines more prominent and more beautiful.


The above is the classification and characteristics of some small -size sexy underwear I know. Each one has its special features.Choosing a small -size sexy underwear that suits you can not only increase your sexy charm, but also improve self -confidence.For women, the underwear style you like should effectively shape your body, and also highlight your personality.No matter what kind of small -size sexy underwear you choose, remember to choose a style that suits you and fully shows sexy.