Shooting ingenious underwear Weibo

Shooting ingenious underwear Weibo

Sex lingerie and ejaculation

As the saying goes, "It’s easy to go to bed, it is difficult to get out of bed". To be precise, the real life that is unforgettable must not only have a meticulous foreplay, but also require high -quality ejaculation.For men, one of the more strong ways to ejaculate is to wear ejaculating sexy underwear.

What is eccentric omit underwear?

Shooting omit underwear is a kind of sexy clothing specially designed to enhance the male ejaculation experience. It is usually made of high -tech materials. The texture is soft, flexible, and has a certain elasticity.Ball package and so on.

The role of shooting omitwear underwear

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The role of ejaculation underwear is to bring a very strong ejaculation experience to men. At the same time, it can also allow men to feel more stimulus in the process of pleasure and increase sex.

Types of shooting sexy underwear

There are many types of ejaculating underwear. From simple vibration flower ring to more functional package sexy underwear, it can effectively enhance the male ejaculation experience.

Vibration flower ring

The vibration flower ring is the simplest ejaculation underwear, which is directly put on the penis, and then brings additional stimulation through a small vibrator to improve the quality of ejaculation.

Rough -type sexy underwear

Rough -type sexy underwear uses a method including thick materials and special designs, so that the front court sponge body can get more stimulation and challenges, thereby making ejaculation stronger.

Adsorption of sexy underwear

The adsorption of sexy underwear is to adsorb the penis in the interior through some unique designs, and provide more strong oppression through a special compressive belt to increase the ejaculation experience.

Sexy Costumes

Package sexy underwear

Packal sexy underwear is made of high -tech materials. It has very high flexibility and can perfectly wrap the male penis, which brings strong sexual stimulation and ejaculation experience.

Suggestions for the use of eccotaic lingerie

Specifically fun underwear is simpler to use. It is recommended to choose the type that meets your needs, and then try it on before sex, and gradually increase the wear time.


In addition to the precautions for wearing time, we must also pay attention to the selection of sexy underwear of regular brands to avoid the use of damage and safety issues caused by inferior products.


If you want to live a more fulfilling and healthy sex life, we can choose to use shooting someware underwear.They can bring a stronger ejaculation experience and richer sexual taste, while paying attention to safety and moderate when using.