Sex underwear raw material cloth

Sex underwear raw material cloth

Interesting underwear is an important element that reflects the charm of women. Its quality and comfort will directly affect women’s experience and sexy.The fabric of sexy underwear is an important factor that affects comfort and quality.This article will introduce the raw material cloth and its characteristics in sexy underwear.

1. Cotton cloth

Cotton cloth is a natural material, soft and comfortable, good breathability, can absorb sweat, and it is not easy to static electricity.And the expansion is small, and the clothes are not easy to deform.But the disadvantage of cotton cloth is that it is easy to wrinkle and poor durability.

Second, nylon cloth

Nylon cloth is the most common type of synthetic materials, which is often used in sexy underwear.Nylon cloth has the characteristics of high strength, elasticity, difficulty in deformation and easy care.Nylon cloth also has good abrasion resistance, and it is difficult to break and damage.

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Third, polyester cloth

Polyester cloth is a chemical fiber material, similar to nylon cloth, but thinner and lighter.The advantage of polyester cloth is easy to care, not easy to deform and play, and has good wear resistance and strength.However, the poor breathability of polyester cloth may make the body feel sultry.

Four, lace

Lace is a very popular sexy lingerie fabric. It has good breathability, soft feel, and can show a very sexy effect.Lace fabrics can be used in different parts of sexy underwear, such as push coasters, thongs, and so on.However, lace materials are fragile and need to be specially careful in cleaning.

Five, silk cloth

Silk cloth is a valuable natural material with soft feel and smooth texture.It has the characteristics of high comfort and softness, high -end and elegant.Silk cloth can also maintain the shape, but it is not good at absorbing sweat, poor breathability, and is easy to deform.

Six, leather

The leather in sexy underwear products can be used in different parts, such as wrapped in underwear cups, bondage use, handcuffs, etc.Leather has plasticity and gloss, which can produce rich and charming effects.However, leather materials need to be carefully cared for hardening and losing luster.

Seven, net eye cloth


Net eye cloth is usually used for the thin fabric of sexy underwear.It is usually made of nylon cloth and has a high degree of elasticity and light texture.The mesh eye cloth has good breathability, has a significant perspective effect, and is often used for sexy design.

Eight, fish net cloth

Fish mesh is a thin fabric similar to mesh cloth.For a long time, it has been an important fabric in sexy underwear manufacturing.The surface of the fish mesh is crossing the fabrics and other fabrics of lace to form a fish mesh pattern, which increases the uniqueness of the surface, can well shape a unique style, and has a good sense of perspective.

Nine, tulle

Tulle is a thin and transparent fabric.It is usually used on the tassel and ribbon in sexy underwear.The tulle fabric products are light, soft and breathable, and their beautiful dynamic characteristics make it add a very sexy atmosphere in the details.

10. Viewpoint

The material made of sexy underwear is not only pure cotton or silk, but also many high -tech materials such as breathable fabrics, sterilization fabrics and underwear made of smart fabrics.Each material has its own characteristics. Choosing the right fabric is the key to making high -quality sexy underwear.