Sex underwear project design picture

Sex underwear project design picture

Sex underwear project design picture


Interest underwear, from Western countries, refers to all kinds of sexy, teasing, seductive effects, and suitable for new sex fabrics and materials made of eyes.In terms of design, sexy underwear has always paid attention to aesthetic. Color and tailoring must be able to reflect the feminine and sexy of women.

Interest underwear tank

The picture library of the latest style of sexy underwear design is the first choice.It allows customers to view new products in real time, and understand the choice of popular trends, colors and materials, as well as expert advice and skills.

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Style series design

The styles involved in sexy underwear design include mini skirts, suspenders, bellybands, body shape clothes, bras, underwear, and other creative small jackets and lace lace underwear.The design of each style should be carefully adjusted for different body size and proportion to ensure that customers can find the most suitable style for them.

Selection of color

The color of sexy underwear is generally divided into black, red, white and flesh.These four colors are widely considered to be the most sexy and charming colors.Of course, for more individual customers, you can also choose other colors according to customer requirements.

material selection

The material of sexy underwear is special. It is well known that it is made of lace, net cloth, and flower flowers.In the selection of materials, in order to ensure the sexy effect, it should be used as soft, thin, shiny, and easy to get rid of it.

Packaging and accessories design

Customers’ demand for sexy underwear accessories and packaging is critical.For example, the robe/cloak, skirt, gloves, necklaces, earrings, etc. need to be designed according to different customer styles and tastes.In terms of packaging, the intentionally designed gift box can provide customers with joy and surprise.

Promotion and publicity


Promotion and promotion are also the key links of sexy underwear design.Propaganda must be efforts, including websites, magazines, graphic advertising and radio and television promotion.Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are also necessary, and they can directly show your design and services for customers.

customer service

Customer service is the key point of impressive creation of brand image.Emphasizing friendly, rapid and thoughtful customer service can increase customer loyalty and help recommend new customers.

quality assurance

The design of sexy underwear needs to be considered quality, materials and crafts.For materials, we can test the color, durability and comfort.For senior products such as hand -made underwear, you need to pay special attention to details and quality control.

in conclusion

The design of sexy underwear should focus on personalized, sexy, style, and essentials in materials and manufacturing.At the same time, pay attention to color matching, size adaptation, accessories addition, and adaptation to customer needs, so as to become the best in the underwear design group, and stand out from the competition.