Young woman sells sexy underwear novels fragment

1. Hatsune encountered the boss Wang

Hatsune was a youthful young woman who met a boss of Wang who runs a sexy underwear shop by chance.Hatsune has never been in contact with sexy underwear, but by communicating with Boss Wang, she found that this small item may bring more fun and challenges to her life.

2. Invest in researching sexy underwear

After knowing the boss of Wang, Hatsune decided to study sexy underwear carefully and explore the esoteric place behind this small item.Therefore, she started searching for sexy underwear and began to buy all kinds of sexy underwear and tried.

3. Feel the change of sexy underwear

Hatsune tried many styles of sexy underwear and felt that his body and heart had changed.Wearing a suitable sexy underwear can not only improve self -confidence, but also change your mentality and temperament.

4. Promoting sexy underwear

Inspired by the charm and effect of sexy underwear, Hatsune began to invest in the sales of sexy underwear.She began to share her experiences and knowledge with the people around her, and with the help of Boss Wang, she became a professional sexy underwear consultant.

5. Increase sexual pleasure

The charm of sexy underwear is not only reflected in external aesthetics and comfort, but also in terms of increasing sexual pleasure.Hatsunesa believes that sexy underwear can be used as a tool for sex, which can bring more changes and stimuli.

6. Improve the quality of life

In addition to sexual role, sexy underwear can also improve the quality of life.Suitable erotic underwear allows women to have stronger confidence and vitality in daily life.

7. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Different people have different body shape and figure characteristics. Therefore, it is also important to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.Hatsune suggested that when choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider factors such as quality, style, color and size, so as to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

8. Bring surprise to your partner

Interest underwear can not only increase your sexual pleasure, but also bring surprises and stimulation to your partner.Hatsune believes that wearing appropriate sexy underwear can not only ignite the interests of both parties, but also increase the emotion and trust between each other.

9. The role of sexy underwear is more than that

Interest underwear is not a fashion item that everyone is rushing, but in fact, the role of sexy underwear is far more than sex.A good erotic underwear consultant can provide people with advice and improvement suggestions in daily life, so that people get better care from psychological and physical care.

10. Viewpoint: Interest underwear is not only toy

In Hatsune’s eyes, sexy underwear is not a kind of toy, but a lifestyle.It allows women to play their charm in different occasions, and can also enhance the feelings between partners.Therefore, the value of sexy underwear should not be limited to the momentary pleasure and entertainment.

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