Yoshida Cai is also fragrant affectionate underwear

Yoshida Cai is also fragrant affectionate underwear

Yoshida is also a sexy actress in Japan. Her appearance in the AV industry with high quality, high value, and high value can make people unable to be attracted by it.In addition to having many fans in the AV industry, Aiyuta also has its own sexy underwear brand to provide fans with a variety of sexy underwear.

brand introduction

Yoshida Caiya also launched the name of the sexy lingerie brand name "Aiya Yingerie Lingerie". With its personal appearance characteristics and sexy charm, it is inspired by design inspiration to design a variety of sexy lingerie styles.In terms of color, the soft pink, gray, and black are the main tone, and there are also dazzling purple and red as embellishment.

Product Category

Yoshida Caiya’s affectionate underwear brand is diverse in product types. In addition to traditional sexy underwear suits, there are also product lines such as women’s products and sex toys.The most classic products are all kinds of sexy underwear, such as sex vests, sex bra, sexual jumpsuits, sex stockings, etc.

design concept

Yoshida’s sexy underwear brand design focuses on "sexy, elegant, intimate". Compared with traditional sexy underwear, it pays more attention to comfort, soft touch and applicable scenarios.At the same time, her interesting underwear design focuses on details and creativity, so that women have a more comfortable, confident and sexy feeling when wearing.

Material selection

The material selected by Yoshida Caiya’s lingerie brand is also the highlight of the brand.Most of her brand materials use natural fiber and soft synthetic fiber, such as cotton, lace, gauze, chiffon, velvet, with delicate feel, soft, textured, and more breathable and comfortable.At the same time, her brand also guarantees high quality and sustainability in material selection.

Target population

Yoshida Caiya’s affectionate underwear brand is mainly for young women. The crowd pays attention to the quality and design sense of clothing, and at the same time enjoy a free, sexy and beautiful feeling.These women not only need to decorate the sexy underwear in sex, but also pay more attention to the comfort of daily wear.

Sales channels

Aiya Yingerie’s sales channels include official websites, offline physical stores, and third -party e -commerce platforms.The official website is rich in types, a lot of discounts, and can also enjoy customer service in the VIP stage; offline physical stores are mainly for customers in some specific cities to provide more intimate trial experience and professional consultants; third -party e -commerce platformsIt is mainly for customers across the country, and has the advantages of convenient, fast and preferential.

Brand word

At present, Aiyuta Yuexiang’s affectionate underwear brand has established a good reputation in the industry.The brand has obtained customer recognition with its high -quality, creative design and diversified market strategies, and has established an irreplaceable position in the market.

Price positioning

The price positioning of Yoshida Caiya’s lingerie brand is based on quality and innovative design.Compared with other brands in the industry, the price of Aiya Yuexiang brand is higher, but its product quality is also higher and the design is more unique. At the same time, more novel elements are added, which has higher collection value and use value.Essence


Aiya also has a rich type and unique design of Lingerie, which gives people a new understanding of sexy underwear, and has become the highlight of many women’s private wardrobes.In general, it is a self -confident and elegant brand that can bring a more worthy dressing experience to women.If you are looking for sexy underwear, you can’t miss Yoshida’s love underwear brand.

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