Xu Dongdong sexy underwear photos


Xu Dongdong is one of the most famous sexy actresses in China. Her dare to speak and "Lu" often become the focus of the topic.Recently, Xu Dongdong announced her latest sexy underwear photos. In the photo, she wore a variety of sexy underwear, which aroused widespread attention.


Xu Dongdong showed a variety of different styles of underwear in this set of sexy underwear photos. From black lace to white transparent. She put on each one exudes different personality charm.

Black lace

Black lace underwear is a highlight of Xu Dongdong’s photo concentration.This simple design has won our hearts with its sexy and high -quality fabrics.This classic manufacturing effect is very good for the shaping of the female curve, showing the perfect figure line.

Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is another design that appears in Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear.The transparent materials of these underwear allow people to feel her strong sexy atmosphere while not fully displaying Xu Dongdong curve.This is one of Xu Dongdong’s sexy and charming main style.

Lace set

The classic lace suit is another design that appears in the photos of Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear.These sweet underwear are usually composed of conjoined shorts, vests, lace or tulle quality.These exquisite and delicate underwear are a symbol of women’s sexy, making no one resist.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is another design that appears in the photos of Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear.Lace underwear is particularly suitable for women with beautiful curve, and can reflect their rich women’s tenderness.This underwear is extremely popular among many women because it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Tulle sexy underwear

The tulle sexy underwear is a sexy design style, and Xu Dongdong also shows this style in the photo.This light and soft underwear is comfortable and natural on the body, and it makes people feel free and relaxed after wearing it.

Long -sleeved underwear

Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear also includes long -sleeved underwear, which is a design style full of fashion.The perfect combination of long -sleeved design and sexy underwear, emphasizing details and curves, while satisfying women’s temperament and sexy, is the first choice for sexy women.

Leather sex underwear

Xu Dongdong is also wearing leather sexy underwear in the photo. This design is usually made of leather materials and metal decorations to show the strong sexy of women.This underwear often has special designs such as rear buckle and straps, highlighting the chest and waist lines.


Xu Dongdong’s sexy underwear photos show a variety of design styles. From elegant style to personalized design, she shows all aspects of sexy women.These photos show us the different appearances of sexy underwear. Women can choose the style of underwear that suits them to highlight their temperament and charm.

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