Xiao Shou Man wearing a sexy underwear

Xiao Shou Man wearing a sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear designed for inspiring lust.It can increase sexual stimulus and emotional pleasure, parties or exclude the monotonous boring of daily life.Today, let’s take a look at how to wear sexy underwear, so that your partner appreciates your unique charm.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

First of all, for different people, the style of sexy underwear will be different.Some people like to play with sexy, you can choose lace jumpsuits, or transparent soft sleeping skirts, or different knitted underwear.Some people like to adventure and try fresh things. You can choose to indulge in the strange world, such as the light gauze flax dress and other clothes with the atmosphere of the "baby doll" atmosphere.When you are elected to buy sexy underwear, you should consider more breathable, comfort and quality.

Appropriate size and material

When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the choice of size to ensure comfort and aesthetics.It must fit the body, not tight nor loose.In addition, it is also important to choose the fabric and material of the underwear.For example, some lace -style sexy underwear is very sensitive to the skin and causes allergic reactions. You need to pay attention to choosing soft and slender underwear.

Share this little secret with your partner

After wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to share this little secret with your partner and appreciate the opponent’s reaction.You can secretly show a little underwear during the daily chat process, and even leave an ambiguous photo to make your partner feel happy when you wait for the real surprise.

Simplified dress

When wearing a sexy underwear, it is not advisable to use too much makeup and simplified hairstyle.A sexy underwear that suits you, has good tolerance for your skin, temperament and figure.When choosing a hairstyle, try fluffy, publicized short hair, or high ponytails, which can better show the charm and sexuality of sexy underwear.

Colorful color

In the choice of sex underwear, color is also very important.Light color series, such as pink, blue, purple, etc., can make people feel a romantic and fresh feeling.The black series is more bold and mature, suitable for people who like adventure.In addition, there are various color and fabrics, such as candy colors, leopard prints, charming prints, and so on.

Five flavors

Accessories can add a lot of fun to sexy underwear.For example, with a pair of interesting high heels or boots, and even specially designed gloves, these small embellishments can make your shape more perfect.These small and exquisite accessories will look very sexy, and can also make you create a more creative and popular character.

Make yourself comfortable and confident

While wearing sex underwear, you must make yourself feel comfortable.Only in a comfortable state, you can exude your sexy more boldly.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, you can also choose to wear a loose, loose suspender skirt or anesthetic skirt to show natural and comfortable sexy.

Enjoy a unique psychological experience

In the process of wearing sex underwear, in addition to external aesthetics, sexy underwear will also bring you a unique psychological experience.It can reduce the distance with your partner and enhance the joy of communication.Choosing sexy underwear suitable for your body will not only make you confident and satisfied, but also strengthen your intimacy between you and your partner and stimulate the sexual desire of both parties.


For lovers in sexy underwear, when worried that their body shape and temperament will also affect the effect of wearing fun clothing, we must first learn to be confident in themselves.After choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, the right match and temperament will make you shine and happy!

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