Xiao Shou erotic underwear trial penetration experience novels

Little Shou is captured by sexy underwear

Xiao Shou is looking for a sexy underwear with surprise boyfriend.After searching on the Internet for a while, he found that sexy underwear is very popular in this market.So he made up his mind to try to try the Italian lace sex lingerie set.

During the purchase process

Xiao Shou opened immediately after receiving the box, and he checked every detail in the bright light.This hand -made high -quality lace material is quite comfortable, and the exquisite design is quite attractive.And it really fits the body.

Trial experience 1: Appearance

When Xiao Shou put on this sexy underwear, he was immediately attracted by her appearance.This is a slender and beautiful underwear, adding more beauty to the small body.The details of lace lace and bow knots are very interesting, and there is a cuteness and playfulness in sexy.

Trial experience 2: comfortable

This set of sexy underwear is very comfortable!Xiao Shou feels like wearing zero gravity clothes.A full set of erotic underwear is made of soft and comfortable materials, which makes it feel very soft, comfortable and smooth when wearing it.This is a very suitable underwear for those who wear underwear for a long time.

Trial experience 3: temperament

This erotic underwear completely improves the temperament of Xiao Shou! It is a set of underwear that can make Xiao Shou feel confident.This set of underwear can better reflect the small body, and feel more different after wearing it.

Suggestion 1: High -heeled shoes

Xiao Shou chose a pair of stylish high -heeled shoes to match this sexy underwear.Wearing such high heels can increase the height of the small height and extend the leg lines, with the underwear to show the sexy curve and a better foot curve.

Suggestion 2: Jewelry

Xiao Shou chose the golden necklace and earrings to cooperate with this sexy lingerie.The golden and details of this jewelry fits the color and lace design of the underwear, and at the same time do not make the overall effect look too complicated.

Summary 1: Underwear high -quality materials

Xiao Shou is very satisfied with the quality of this Italian lace sexy underwear suit.It is made of high -quality lace lace, soft and comfortable materials, with elegant and delicate appearance.The trial experience is very good, very comfortable, which can improve body and temperament.

Summary 2: Perfect match

With high heels and jewelry, this set of underwear is more perfect!Fashionable high -heeled shoes and golden jewelery complement the color design of the underwear and lace lines.Xiao Shou chose a great set of sexy underwear and matching suggestions to make him confident and sexy!

my point of view

As an expert in sexy underwear, I think it is important to choose a high -quality sexy underwear.It can make you feel comfortable and confident, but also improve your body and temperament.The right combination can make underwear more perfect.I hope everyone can choose their favorite styles when choosing sexy underwear!

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