Xiamen outsourced sexy underwear recruitment


Xiamen is a well -known tourist city in China, and has been favored because of many beautiful beaches and food.As a beautiful city, Xiamen’s sexy underwear industry has also developed vigorously in recent years.Now, there is a Xiamen sexy underwear company looking for out -of -the -ware sex underwear salesperson.

job requirements

Sending sex underwear salesperson is a dynamic and interesting job, which requires the following conditions, including open communication skills, good communication skills, interest in fashion and fashion brands, and ability to work independently.

Recruitment condition

People who are suitable for this job need to be adults and must have certain communication skills and personality charm.Anyone who has a good communication ability or in the process of university studies has been considered priority.

Salary and benefits

The salary and welfare benefits of sex underwear salespersons are actually quite high.The minimum monthly salary exceeds 2,000 yuan. If the work experience is rich, it can even reach more than 4,000 yuan.In addition, other benefits include social security, medical insurance, and training opportunities.

Work content

The work content is mainly the promotion and sales of out -of -the -ware sex underwear products.Sellers need to establish a good relationship with customers, introduce them the latest sexy underwear products, understand their interests and needs, and provide the best services.

products information

Sellers must have basic knowledge and understanding of all sexy underwear and adult products.Understand different styles and types of underwear, master the manufacturing methods and characteristics of each underwear, and be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Proficient in sales skills

Sellers of sex underwear must have certain sales skills, so as to grasp the timing and effectively sell products.Therefore, they need to master various sales skills, including improving customer satisfaction, developing new customers and maintaining the relationship between existing customers.

understand customer’s needs

Understanding the needs of customers is one of the essential skills for selling sexy underwear salespersons.It is necessary to clearly understand the needs of customers and recommend the most suitable products for it, attract customers, and build a good customer relationship.

Outstanding service attitude

Sending sex underwear salesperson must have a first -class service attitude.They need to understand the needs of customers, and always maintain a politeness, respect and enthusiasm, and win the trust and trust of customers.

in conclusion

Sending sex underwear salesperson is an interesting and high -money job. It requires people to have some professional knowledge and sales skills.If you are interested, please learn more about this job and fully understand its benefits.

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