Wuhan Taobao Funny Underwear Store Recruitment

Recruitment information overview

Wuhan Taobao Intellectual Underwear Store is recruited, and it is now recruiting sales staff and customer service staff in the city.Candidates are required to be between 18-35 years old, with good image, cheerful personality, and good at communication. Those with certain sales experience or customer service experience are preferred.

Job Responsibilities

Sales staff: Responsible for the sales and after -sales service of goods in the store, formulate sales plans and sales strategies;

Customer service staff: Responsible for customer consultation, sales and after -sales and after -sales service in the store.

Salary and benefits

Base salary and salary+sales commission+bonus, the salary settlement cycle is monthly.

In addition, the store also provides a good promotion mechanism and rich welfare benefits, including accommodation, social security, etc., more details to be explained in detail when the interview is interviewed.

Conditional condition

1. Women, age 18-35 years;

2. Have good communication skills and affinity, positive, responsible;

3. Know the basic computer operation, be able to use the Taobao platform proficiently, and those who have Taobao customer service or sales experience are preferred;

4. With a good image, temperament and attitude, you can be decent, generous, and good at words.

Application method

Interested parties, please send your personal resume to the official mailbox of Taobao underwear store, mailbox address: [email protected], we will contact you as soon as possible.

You are welcome to join us with passion, talent, and creative ideas!

Interview Instructions

1. Interview address: Room x, Building X, XXX Building, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City;

2. Interview time: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am from 9: 00-11: 00, 2: 00-5: 00 pm;

3. Please bring your resume, original ID card and photocopy, etc.;

4. Please arrange the time in advance, do not accept temporary modification interview time;

5. The interview time will be notified separately, please pay attention to the official announcement.

Store Introduction

This shop was established in 2008. The main sexual products have been operating on Taobao for many years. It has a comprehensive pre -sales and after -sales service system, and the quality and reputation of goods are trustworthy.

recruitment plan

As the end of the year, this store plans to add 10 sales staff and 5 customer service personnel to better serve customers.

future development

The Taobao underwear market is becoming increasingly mature. We believe that in the future, underwear will become a part of more women’s daily life. We will continue to update and maintain the content of the store, and continue to introduce novel products and services to better satisfy the publicneed.


This article illustrates the recruitment information of Wuhan’s Taobao Instead of Insuravania, introduces its job responsibilities and application conditions, and explains salary and store introduction.This store adheres to the principle of "customer first", and timely and effective pre -sale and after -sales service will be timely and effective to let customers shop worry -free.I hope that more passionate, talented, and creative people will join our team. In the future, we will seize market opportunities together and grow and develop together.

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