World Famous State Fun Underwear Show

World Famous State Fun Underwear Show

1. European and American style presentation

In Europe and the United States, sexy underwear is usually a combination of styling and color. It is clear and diverse in color. Among them, the black sex lingerie is classic immortal, especially lace materials, soft lines and perspective design, which is even more attractive.

2. Oriental lines are graceful and graceful

Different from the sexy of Europe and the United States, Oriental’s erotic underwear pays more attention to lines and graceful presentation. It is elegant in color, elegant design, light material, and shows a elegant beauty as a whole.

Third, Modal underwear is better breathable

Modal underwear is made of Modal fiber. It has better hygroscopic and breathability, stronger comfort in the body, and more skin -friendly and comfortable. It is one of high -quality sexy lingerie.

Fourth, carving embroidery edges show noble and elegant

The carving embroidery is one of the high -end styles in many sexy lingerie. Its combination of beautiful lines with embroidery highlights the nobleness and elegance of the underwear, put on it, as if turning into a goddess full of nobleness.

Fifth, lace underwear shows softness and sexy

The sexy underwear of lace materials is full and exquisite. The inside is usually added to highlight the breast curve of women. At the same time, the exquisite lines also make each woman wearing it show softness and sexy.

6. Massive choices for grid underwear

Grid underwear is often used in sexy underwear. Its lines are diverse and can create various styles of sexy underwear. They are also rich in colors. They are one of the underwear that women who like diverse choices.

7. Silk underwear shows extraordinary texture

Silk underwear can create an extraordinary texture. Putting it, women’s skin will feel the comfort of the silk, and its delicate texture and noble temperament are also full of longing.

8. The see -through beauty of net gauze underwear

The mesh underwear usually combines the transparent wire network with the silk or lace material to form the effect of perspective. At the same time, it is also full of women’s soft taste. It is a diversified sexy choice.

Nine, the charm of the ecstasy of low -cut underwear

Low -cut underwear is a kind of underwear style for many women’s love. It cuts out some chest hemispheres to miss the sexy and charming shows, showing the beautiful curve of women, which is intoxicating.

10. Thick underwear shaped perfect body shape

Thick base underwear usually shapes the ideal figure for women. Its thick mats can highlight the three -dimensional sense of female chest, and can also create a perfect waist curve and bring excellent experience.

In summary, there are many types of sexy underwear. Each one has different characteristics and display methods. When choosing your favorite sexy underwear, you should use your own intelligence and body characteristics to use your own intelligence and wisdom.Style sexy underwear.

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