World Famous Model Funwear

World Famous Model Funwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can enhance interest and increase emotional communication. In recent years, it has become more and more popular.The supermodels at home and abroad have shown various styles of sexy underwear with different styles and shapes in many competitions.Let’s take a look at the sexy underwear of world famous models!

Brazilian sexy underwear

Brazil is one of the important production sites of sexy underwear. It is not only diverse, novel in style, but also given a strong cultural atmosphere.The bright feathers and tropical flowers are used here. The color is bright and the eyes are welcomed

Sexy Japanese sexy underwear

Japan’s sexy lingerie is often mainly sexy, and the most famous of which is kimono and national style of sexy underwear.Some of them have a strong harmony, while others use fetters as design themes, which enriches the connotation of Japanese sexy underwear.

Interesting underwear of European and American Angels

On the Runway of Europe and the United States, you can see a variety of sexy underwear, and the angel series is the most impressive one.Whether it is Victoria’s Secret’s commercial underwear, or a sexy underwear from Britain, each of which shows the beauty of women in Europe and the United States.

Hong Kong style sexy underwear

Hong Kong’s sexy lingerie has attracted people’s attention with its simple style, modern high -tech and gorgeous materials.Most of them are based on black and white, and various unique design elements are added to make each underwear unique.

Thai sexy underwear

Thailand’s sexy underwear is famous for its unique flowers and silk materials. Many Thai supermodels are also spokespersons of sexy underwear.Their design inspiration often originated from the unique culture and customs of Thailand, and is decorated with large and small flowers, which are very distinctive.

Exquisite French sexy underwear

As the birthplace of sexy underwear, France is naturally known for its elegance and exquisite work.The sexy underwear here is exquisite and high -quality material. The most significant feature of the design style is that the details are quite sophisticated.

Australian sexy underwear

The characteristics of Australia’s sexy underwear are comfort, focusing on internal nature.Here is a size that fits the body. No matter what kind of waist design, it guarantees the comfort of wearing.In addition, the texture of Australia’s sexy underwear is very soft, making the wearer feel very skinny.

Korean sexy underwear, which is popular with young women

South Korea’s sexy underwear is fashionable and unique, reaching the ultimate, each sexy underwear design is very novel, and the various needs of girls can meet.South Korea’s sexy underwear is fresh and simple, revealing delicate sexy, and is loved by modern young women.

Ferry and charming Greek sexy underwear

Greek sexy underwear looks thick and bright in materials. At the same time, it is very particular about its exquisite design, the depth of color and the selection of embroidered lace.


In short, sexy underwear is not just a sexy underwear. They are also a unique cultural performance and design art.Through different erotic underwear in different countries and regions, we can see the differences and richness of each national culture and aesthetic habits.

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