Women’s sex lingerie Jingdong self -operated store

Women’s sex lingerie Jingdong self -operated store

Women’s erotic underwear has always been a weapon for women to show sexy and attracting attention. At the same time, they also make them feel their physical charm and enhance self -confidence.Nowadays, online shopping is popular, and women’s sexy underwear Jingdong self -operated stores have become the best choice for women to buy sexy underwear.This article introduces the contents of women’s sexy underwear in JD.com’s self -operated store, to help women buy more suitable sexy underwear.

1. The categories of various women’s sexy underwear

Women’s erotic lingerie is roughly divided into four categories: sexual feelings, sexy underwear, adult sex lingerie, European and American sex lingerie, and Japanese and Korean sex lingerie.具体来说,性感情趣内衣包括蕾丝、丝绸等材质的吊带、背心、内裤等,这类情趣内衣既能到家里穿,也可以配合短裙或短裤外穿;成人情趣内衣包括制服、皮裤、Lace beam skirts, etc., are usually used for sex games between husband and wife; European and American sexy underwear is mainly based on hard materials and large -sized tailoring designs, suitable for women with tall figures; Japanese and Korean sexy underwear focuses on cute and freshDesign style, suitable for short women.

2. Follow the comfort of sexy underwear

Even women’s sexy underwear, comfort also needs to pay attention to.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to whether the material is soft, elastic, and whether the smoothness is good.Good erotic underwear can not only fit the body comfortably, but also make women’s body curve more beautiful.

Third, pay attention to the size of sexy underwear

Size is also a problem that you need to pay attention to when buying women’s sexy underwear.The size standards of different brands may be different, so you need to check the size parameters carefully when buying, and choose the size that suits you.If you can’t determine your size, it is best to ask the customer’s opinion before buying.

4. Pay attention to the ingredients of sexy underwear

The composition of sexy underwear is very important, and the stimulation of different ingredients to the skin is also very different.In order to achieve a better texture, some bad merchants will add chemical components to the fabrics of sexy underwear.Therefore, when buying a woman’s sexy underwear, it is best to choose natural fabrics, which is not only safe and reliable, but also better skin -friendly.

Fifth, housewives’ sexy underwear purchase suggestions

For housewives, sexy underwear must be safe and sexy enough. It is best to choose cotton, sweat absorption, breathable, comfortable style.At the same time, when buying, you should pay attention to brand and after -sales service to ensure the excellent quality and shopping experience.

6. Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear for professional women

Professional women’s purchase of sexy underwear requires a classic, simple, and generous design style, which is suitable for wearing companies or business occasions.The same important thing is to consider comfort, choose soft and breathable fabrics, do not affect work and normal life.

Seven, youthful women’s sexy underwear purchase suggestions

For youth women, sexy underwear can focus on cute, fresh, and fashionable design styles. It is suitable for short -figure women. It is comfortable and fashionable.You should also pay attention to the problems of materials, sizes, etc. to ensure the comfortable feelings of dressing.

8. Women’s sexy lingerie brand recommendation

There are many women’s erotic lingerie brands in JD.com, such as Eric, Riovana, and Spicy Models, which have good reputation in terms of comfort, beauty and texture.Among them, Eris is more atmospheric in style, and Ritana pays more attention to softness and comfort.

Nine, how to maintain sex underwear

Although women’s sexy lingerie is beautiful and sexy, it is necessary to take special care due to material, ingredients and other factors.It is recommended to wash with a neutral washing solution. Do not stir with a washing machine and rub it gently.In addition, sexy underwear should not be exposed to the sun frequently, so as not to affect the texture.

10. Women’s sexual lingerie view

Women’s erotic underwear not only improves women’s self -confidence, but also has sexy life into safe, comfortable and happiness, and strengthens the relationship between husband and wife.Therefore, it is very important to buy a sexy underwear that suits you and maintain it well.

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