Woman’s 46 -year -old sexy underwear

Woman’s 46 -year -old sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the key props of modern women in terms of sex.For a 46 -year -old woman, how to buy appropriate sexy underwear needs to be formulated according to their physical conditions and needs.This article will introduce you to how to choose the right sexy underwear from multiple aspects.

1. Pay attention to the effect of gathering

When choosing a sexy underwear, a 46 -year -old woman needs to pay special attention to the gathering effect.Because with the age of age, the breast sagging occurs often.Choosing a sexy underwear with a good effect can make the breasts no longer sagging, which is firmer and more stylish.

2. Pay attention to comfort

Although sexy underwear is mainly to increase sexuality, it is impossible to bring happiness to women without comfort.Especially the 46 -year -old woman is full of figure, so it is especially important to choose the right size.At the same time, the material texture of the underwear is soft and the cutting process is reasonable to truly achieve the effect of high quality and comfort.

3. Pay attention to the number of bras

The number of bras designed by sexy underwear designers is also critical.When choosing a sexy underwear, a 46 -year -old woman should balance the stability and sexy of the breast, and choose a product that focuses on protecting and preventing breast sagging.

Fourth, focus on color selection

Color selection is one of the contents that are focused on sexy underwear.Different colors can affect women’s sexuality, while showing different personality characteristics and temperament.For a 46 -year -old woman, you should choose the color that coordinated with her skin color, and the sexy underwear that is too radical in color should be avoided to avoid excessive exposure.

5. Pay attention to the quality of the quality

The quality of erotic underwear directly determines the comfort and durability of wearing.When a 46 -year -old woman is looking for a suitable sexy underwear, she should pay more attention to brand and quality issues and choose products with reputation brands and quality.

6. Avoid being too exposed

It is difficult to admit that it is difficult for a 46 -year -old woman to maintain sexy, but sexy underwear will make them look more feminine.However, too exposed erotic underwear is not suitable for them. The correct way is to make enough effort on lace or transparent fabrics to increase the sexy degree of underwear instead of excessive exposure.

Seven, diversified attempts

When trying different types of erotic underwear, 46 -year -old women should try diverse attempts.Because different types of sexy underwear can show different sexy and taste.It is also a good way to share with your peers or go to the fitting room to help the salesperson.

8. Focus on creating an image

The use of good and fun underwear can make women more confident in themselves, and can show the elegance and sexy of women.Therefore, sexy underwear that matches the style with age can better shape the image of women.

Nine, properly match other clothing

Women also need to pay attention to etiquette and occasions on choosing clothing with underwear.If it is well matched, it can increase beauty and sexy, but it will have an embarrassing scene if it is too exposed.

10. Summary view

In general, 46 -year -old women need to pay attention to the gathering effect, comfort, the number of bras, color selection, quality check, avoid excessive exposure, diversified attempts, focusing, properly matched other clothing, etc.In this regard.By correcting and matching the appropriate sexy underwear, 46 -year -old women can maintain elegance and sexy and show their charm.

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