Will sex underwear return will be found?

The problem of sexy underwear returns

There is no kind of return in the world where there is no return of goods, and sexy underwear is no exception.However, for some people, they may be worried that if the sexy underwear that has been tried through, they will be discovered, and whether it is likely to be rejected by merchants.

Merchant return policy

First of all, it is clear that each merchant has its own return policy, so the problem of whether the return can be successful should be based on specific stores.Some merchants strictly require that sex underwear cannot be tried, but some merchants allow customers to try it on and return the goods.Therefore, you must understand the specific policies of the merchant before buying.


If the merchant allows the return, customers need to minimize the impact on the product when trying it on.During the trial process, it is best not to tear down the label or tag, and do not stain or damage the product itself.When trying on, you should also use underwriting pads or masks to maintain the hygiene of goods.

Merchant’s requirements for return products

For returns, merchants usually have requirements for their state.If the return goods cannot be sold again, the merchant has the right to refuse to return.Therefore, the status of the return goods should be as consistent as possible with the time of purchase, such as cannot be worn, stained, damaged, etc.

Time limit for return

Many merchants have requirements for the time limit for returns.When returning the goods, you must check the return time limit of the merchant and return the product within the specified time.After exceeding the restriction time, merchants may refuse to return.

Customer service communication

If you encounter a return problem consulting the merchant, you must communicate with the customer’s service clearly, so that they know the reason why you need the return and keep the communication.This can increase the understanding of the merchant’s understanding and help you complete the return more smoothly.

Mailing of returned goods

To return to sex underwear, you usually need to send the goods back to the merchant.It is recommended to choose a reliable courier company to use safe packaging and mark the reason and order number of the return on the outside.In order to protect personal privacy, it is not recommended to indicate the package content outside the packaging.

Can merchants find the traces of the use of returns?

For erotic underwear, whether the return of goods leaves a trace for merchants is one of the most concerned issues for customers.In fact, merchants usually have their own inspection procedures to conduct a detailed inspection of the refunded products.Therefore, if the product has traces of use, it is easy to find by merchants.

Merchant return processing method

When the refunded goods meet the merchant’s return policy, merchants usually provide a refund or replacement option.If the refund or replacement process is legitimate and compliant, the merchants will not refuse and will not expose the privacy of customers.

Customer return psychology

When customers return, there are often some unnecessary psychological burdens, such as worrying that they are discriminated against by merchants because they return.In fact, returning in shopping is one of the legitimate rights of customers.If the return process is consistent with the merchant’s return policy and there are no other illegal acts, merchants should respect the customer’s choice.


When returning the goods, comply with the merchant’s return policy, ensure that the status of the product is as consistent with the time of purchase, communicate reasonably and choose a reliable courier company, these are the key to successful return.Of course, as consumers, we should also consider our actual needs and situations carefully before buying, and reduce unnecessary return.

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