Why is the quality of erotic underwear poor quality

Why is the quality of sex underwear good?

As a sexual product, sexy underwear has been sought after by the public in recent years. There are more and more types of products, but there are large quality differences.Let ’s analyze why the quality of sex underwear is good.

1. Improper production technology

During the production process of sexy underwear, many steps such as testing materials, pattern design, and trial penetration must be tested, but in some factories, many production processes are not perfect, resulting in a long production time, poor product quality, extension of supply cycle, etc.Adverse consequences.

2. Common fabrics are not suitable

In order to reduce costs, some sexy underwear manufacturers use low chemical synthetic fabrics to make products. These chemical fibers have defects such as breakage, ball, and fading, which can easily cause people’s skin discomfort or even allergies.

3. Lack of supervision

In the field of sexual supplies, sexy underwear is a special type of goods, but there is a lack of regulation in China.In order to pursue the maximization of benefits and issue the inadequate procedures such as qualification certificates, this has also increased the risk of consumers.

4. Insufficient design innovation

Some erotic underwear manufacturers will only get a lot of orders at low prices, and ignore the design and innovation of sexy underwear, which leads to too similar products and unpretentious pictures, which affects product competitiveness.

5. Lack of standards

At present, there is no uniform standard for sex underwear. The quality control and size standards of each manufacturer are different. Especially after long -term use, the product will deform, lose color, damage and other phenomena. Consumers are required.

6. Insufficient customization needs

Because sexy underwear is not needed, many consumers often choose cheap bulk sex lingerie, and do not want to spend more costs for personalized customized products.This also reduces the original after -sales service level of sexy underwear.

7. Low production equipment

Interest underwear is a combination of practicality and sexy aesthetics. Whether pattern production, printing, stitching, etc. can fully reflect the requirements for quality, it is also necessary to depend on production equipment.However, in some backward factories, many products are hand -handled before launch, and the chance of quality problems is high.

8. Fierce brand competition

In the sexy underwear market, more and more well -known brands have made some small manufacturers face greater brand pressure.Under such pressure, some manufacturers lost their innovation spirit, only caring for profits, and caused the decline in product quality.

in conclusion

With the gradual openness of sexual liberation and the concept of marriage and love, the market prospects of sexy underwear are still broad.Instead of buying low -quality products, we can choose more sexy underwear with better quality. For merchants, we should not blindly pursue interests, but should use technical renewal and guarantee quality, adhere to high standards of production and supervision to meet consumers to meet consumersDifferentiated demand and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market.

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