Why is Taobao always pushing sex underwear

Why does Taobao always push products such as sex underwear?There are eight possible reasons here:

1. Consumption requirements: As a type of underwear, sex underwear is sought after by some consumers.Consumption demand is one of the basic reasons for Taobao pushing for sexy underwear.

2. Merchant needs: There are many merchants who operate sexy underwear on Taobao. For these merchants, sexy underwear is their main business.Therefore, Taobao will also push sex underwear to meet the needs of merchants.

3. Personalization of demand: Taobao will push products such as sexy underwear as a manifestation of personalization.In this way, consumers can see products that are consistent with themselves.

4. Product Creativity: Sexy underwear is a creative product category for merchants.This product is designed for sex, and designers can use their imagination on this product.

5. Advertising effect: One reason for Taobao pushing sex underwear is that such products can easily cause people’s interest.Whether it is the name of the product or its various styles, it can attract people in some way.

6. Gender appetite: Interesting underwear is biased to gender, so this product has gender appeal.On Taobao, the recommendation of sexy underwear may be a gender analysis.

7. Guidance of other products: Sometimes when people are looking for sex products or other products, they will be pushed to some information about the relevant information of sexy underwear.This recommendation is not a long -term, it is just for some periods or when you want to obtain some commercial interests.

8. Popular trend: In addition to the basic needs of sexy underwear, it is also a fashion element for some people who like modern life.With the changes of the times and culture, more and more people may love and love underwear or understand what it represents.Taobao is a platform that promotes this trend quickly.

Therefore, sexy underwear pushes on the Taobao platform is made of a variety of reasoning and business purposes.

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