Why do you wear sexy underwear very cool

Why do you wear sexy underwear very cool

Sexy underwear is a specially sexy, very sexual attractive special costume.Put on them, people often feel a kind of unprecedented comfort and joy.So why do you feel very cool to wear sexy underwear?The following will analyze their many benefits from multiple angles.


For many people, the most attractive part of wearing erotic underwear may be their comfort.First of all, they are usually made of soft materials, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc., so that even if they wear it for a long time, they will not feel uncomfortable.In addition, sexy underwear is often designed to be breathable, allowing the body to have sufficient breathing and air circulation.

special material

In addition to soft and comfortable materials, sexy underwear often uses special materials, such as leather, plastic, and so on.These materials can not only increase the sexy breath, but also stimulate the skin and improve sensory stimuli.For example, leather sex lingerie usually gives people a strong breath and enhances sexual intercourse.

Shaping effect

Interest underwear can also have a shaping effect, making the body more perfect in terms of visual.For example, the tightened sexy underwear can make the breasts look fuller and shape a more perfect breast type.Bid waist sex underwear can also tighten the abdomen, making the waistline more obvious, so that the figure is more curved.

Erotic stimulus

Wearing erotic underwear can also increase erotic stimuli, making sexual life more interesting and exciting.For example, wearing a bellyband -type sexy underwear can make the other party more likely to stimulate the sensitive parts and increase the fun and stimulus of sexual life.


Interest underwear can also increase privacy to a certain extent, making sexual life more unique and special.In the case of wearing sexy underwear, it can be more relaxed and comfortable to each other, and enjoy a deeper sex life.

increase self-confidence

Wearing sexy underwear often makes people feel more confident and has a strong goddess.This self -confidence is not only because the appearance is more sexy, but also because of the internal value and self -cognition.

Enhance interaction

Interest underwear is not only a unilateral enjoyment, it can also increase the interaction and intimacy between the two people.After men and women reaches a certain degree of emotional relationships, wearing sexy underwear can make both parties closer and tacit, and enjoy a deeper sexual pleasure.

Emotional coordination

Wearing a sexy underwear can also make the emotions between the two achieve better coordination and enjoy a healthier and harmonious sex life.Sex underwear can often increase the emotional investment between men and women, making the intimacy between the two more stable and healthy.


In addition to increasing the body’s comfort and stimuli, wearing sexy underwear can also enhance the fun and stimulus of sexual life.At the same time, people can make people more confident and enhance emotional coordination.Therefore, we can try a variety of sexy underwear to make sexual life more interesting and exciting.

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