Why do men and women buy sexy underwear now


In recent years, more and more men and women have begun to buy sexy underwear. This comfortable, sexy, and interesting underwear style has been favored by more and more people.So why do men and women buy sexy underwear now?This article will analyze this problem from multiple angles.

Sexy is a part of culture

Sexy is part of human culture, and sexy clothing and underwear are common in our culture.Interest underwear meets people’s sexy needs, allowing people to dance in the edge of sensibility and rationality.Therefore, sexy underwear will be popular in the future and the future.

The stereotype of change

In the past, we may think that sexy underwear is part of female underwear brands, because women are considered more sexy to attract men.Over time, in modern society, more and more people have begun to realize that men and women are eager for sex and need sexy.Therefore, it is not unusual to buy sexy underwear now.

Diversified market demand

In modern society, the reason why men and women buy sexy underwear are diverse. Compared with everyone, they are more inclined to choose products that meet personal preferences and styles.Because of this, the needs of the sexy underwear market show a variety of appearances, and suppliers will develop a variety of different styles of sexy underwear for different customers.

Stimulate nerve endings

The physical attributes of sexy underwear are very important.Because these underwear styles are made of different materials, wearing sexy underwear can cause different stimuli and feelings.Wearing sexy underwear can improve people’s sensitivity, thereby strengthening the fun of life, and also stimulating people’s nerve endings and increasing the experience of love.

Personalization and self -expression

Due to the characteristics of personalization and self -expression, sexy underwear can also dress up people’s unique personality.Many people choose sexy underwear not only because of their sexy appearance, but more importantly, the ideas and cultural connotations transmitted inside.Therefore, sexy underwear has become a way for people to express themselves.

Meet emotional needs

Fun underwear can meet the emotional needs between couples or lover. It is one of the reasons why many people choose sexy underwear.These underwear styles are not only for the visual enjoyment brought by the other party, but also can increase the emotional communication between each other and add more fun to sexual life.

Closer relationship

The purchase and wear of sexy underwear also helps to establish a closer relationship between lovers.These underwear often represent the consensus and trust between the two people, so they are one of the stable emotional bridges.At the same time, the two people can also increase their emotional investment in the process of buying and choosing sexy underwear, thereby making their feelings stronger.

value investment

With the continuous development of online shopping markets and technical levels, we can better understand the value of sexy underwear.Because the technology and materials used in sexy underwear are constantly updated, the price of sexy underwear in different grades is also different.However, buying high -quality sexy underwear is not only to express the pursuit of personal taste and quality, but also an investment in human health.


The emergence of sexy underwear and the development of popularity originated from the development of human culture, and has been loved by more and more people.Now, men and women buy interest underwear can be explained from multiple angles.But in any case, modern erotic underwear continues to move forward in innovation and change, which will not change.

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