Why do few people buy sexy underwear

Why do few people buy sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and interesting clothing that can increase the taste and hotness of couples.However, few people will buy sexy underwear.So why do few people buy sexy underwear?The following is possible.

Quality issues

Although sexy underwear and ordinary underwear are very similar, sex underwear may use different materials.Sometimes, the quality of sexy underwear may not be as good as ordinary underwear, so many people dare not try to buy sexy underwear.However, if you buy sexy underwear from a regular store or brand, the quality will not be a problem.

Difficult to choose

For those who buy sexy underwear for the first time, choice may become difficult.Unlike choosing any other types of clothes, there may be more factors that need to be considered, including materials, styles, size, and application scenarios.In addition, due to the different sexy underwear design, it is important to understand each type of sexy underwear and then make a choice, but it is time -consuming and laborious.


Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is often more expensive.This may be unlikely for those who want to find underwear in a intense budget.However, the price of erotic underwear is determined to look at the quality and technology required by the brand and style.

social pressure

Many people have no positive willingness to buy sexy underwear and may be under pressure from society.Some people think that sexy underwear is a kind of privacy and unbearable tasting, so he is unwilling to take it home or wear it.However, if you really like sexy underwear and hope to improve more fun in sex life, then you don’t have to care about the eyes of others, just choose bravery.

No chance to wear

Another possible reason is that some people think they have no chance to wear sexy underwear.Sex underwear is usually designed for special occasions, such as celebrating festivals, or to add romantic atmosphere between couples, some people may not have too many occasions in their normal sexual life.However, sexy underwear can become a kind of joy and enjoyment even in normal days.The fun of sexy underwear is to increase the tightness of you and your partner, improve the quality of sex, and make your feelings more harmonious.

Cultural influence

In some cultures, sexy underwear may be considered inappropriate or decent.Some people think that in some cultural backgrounds, wearing sexy underwear or sexy underwear may be regarded as an infringement and unpopular morality.However, sexy underwear is just a clothing that increases fun, which is harmless to any culture.Therefore, everyone should choose what they like without having to hesitate for cultural differences.

Not in place

Another possibility is that the promotion of sexy underwear is not in place.Many people may not even know the existence of sexy underwear, or they do not know where to buy it.If sexy underwear has more extensive publicity and promotion efforts, people’s awareness may be higher.

Don’t know how to wear it

For those who are willing to buy sexy underwear but not sure how to wear, they may also give up this idea.Interest underwear also needs to be combined with the comfort of life scenes and partners, otherwise it may become an embarrassing and embarrassing experience.After knowing this issue, it is extremely important to consider learning how to wear or consult professionals in the industry.

Not confident

In the end, some people may not confidently think that wearing sexy underwear is not beautiful enough or not good enough.However, understanding that sexy underwear is not only about the appearance, but more about the harmony and passion of intimacy.It is important to treat your body and image self -confidence and optimism, so that you can make you confident and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Although many people do not buy sexy underwear, there are still many enthusiasts and buyers in sex underwear.The change and fun of values are very important for the charm of sexy underwear.If you are interested in sexy underwear, try it, explore your own style, exercise your confidence and courage, and enjoy the romance and passion brought by sexy underwear.

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